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Elements of Argument 2

No description

Emily Thompson

on 31 January 2012

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Transcript of Elements of Argument 2

How do we argue?
Element 1: Claim
The main point the author is trying to make?
What is the subject of the argument?
Example: In ALWG the author is making the claim that war changes people.
Element 2: Reason
Element 3: Evidence
We are going to learn how to analyze argument in persuasive writing, how others use language and information to persuade.

We will look at an argument written about the benefits of video games. You will notice that the author is using language, facts, and statistics to persuade us.

Not just saying "yes, video games are good, because they are", or "because I said so."
Just looking at the article what is the subject?
What is the author saying about video games?
CLAIM: Video Games are good for kids.
Why does the author say this?
Why should readers accept/believe this claim?
Example: In ALWG, the main character changes from the innocent young man he was into a killing machine
Why should we accept that video games are good?
Reason: Video games are good, because they
teach kids the skills they'll need in the digital workforce.
Makes the argument credible (believable)
Proves the claim
Often includes statistics and facts.
Evidence of claim in ALWG:
1. Ishmael starts killing, even though he hated the war before.
2. Ishamael is no longer concerned with the things he loved like his music and dancing.
3. Ishmael was timid and shy, but becomes unafraid and ruthless.
Pause and Think:
Watch this video and identify the claim and reason of the argument being made about modern art:
Find 3 Examples of Evidence and underline them:
1. Video games force kids to learn complex rules.
2. Video games require more of the brain than watching sports, an example would be the skills used in Madden 2005.
3. Today's kids are less violent than they have been at any time since 1975.
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