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Charity shop in my country

No description

Anastasia Gudym

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Charity shop in my country

Foundation Drive Phase 1 Phase 2 Results Core During these two years it has grown fast and helped other charity shops to open their doors elsewhere in Russia. «Spasibo!» is the first charity shop in Russia, which was founded by a group of young activists in May 2010. “Spasibo!” collects and distributes clothes and transfers money to the charity.
“Spasibo!” also organizes different kind of actions like concerts, art exhibitions and lectures. Charity shops in Russia There are many ways to participate our actions!

* Bring your unwanted items to our shop (9th Sovetskaya, open from 12 to 20 o’clock).
* If you want to volunteer, send us an email: spasiboshop@gmail.com
* If you have an idea of a project which could do positive change in the city, you are more than welcome to tell your idea to Spasibo!
* You can also contact us, if your organization is in need of clothing. They have two shops in St. Petersburg.
1. Metro station «Puskinskaya», Gorohovaja Street 50/79
(in the corner of Gorohovaya and Fontanka river)
2. Metro station, 9th Sovetskaya Street, 22/fence code 136 Charity shop "Spasibo!" Where did the idea of starting a charity shop in Russia come?

Once a few people were concerned about the question: «What do people in Russia do with their unnecessary and unwanted things?». They found out that approximately 90% of stuff goes to trash. Because Russia did not have a well-functioning recycling system, we decided to create one! We want to give the unnecessary and unwanted items a new chance in someone else’s home! How does the shop work?

Every day at any time citizens may bring into the store absolutely anything that he/she doesn’t need anymore (from clothes to books). Things are sorted; about 90% of clothes are given to charity and 10% is sold in the store. The profit goes to two organizations in St. Petersburg: «Upsala Circus» , which works with children from social risk groups and NGO «НочлежкаFlophouse» , which helps the homeless.
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