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Iraqi Marriage.

No description

zack soberalski

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Iraqi Marriage.

Double click anywhere & add an idea All about Iraqi Marriages! It is not uncommon for arabs to marry cousins Aranged marriages are still thought to be traditional, yet are not commonly used Some things you should know! Family reputation highly valued Firstly, the man goes WITH his parents to the womans family and tells them that he wants to marry. If the dad is dead, the eldest uncle would be approached instead. The girls parents then evaluate the suiter Personality Looks Reputation After the agreement Mashaya! This is where the men in the family meet This is very important, each of the familys want to make a good, lasting impression. When she finaly decides she wants to marry. Rings!! Gold for the ladies
Silver/platnum for the guys Khitooba! (Engagement party) Only close relitives are invited (Imediate family, uncles, aunts, and cousins usually) The rings are worn to this party A gift of gold is usually given to the future spouse by the man. Where do they go? It is not uncommon for the couple to live with their family, make a seccond house in the backyard or add on to the house. The Wedding!!! The bigger of the parties, very traditional. Traditionaly started at night and lasted through the morning But due to the stroll bans are now usually from 3 pm to 10 pm Pleasure Marriag! By: Zack Then the wedding goes on just like any other wedding! there is food, drinks, a DJ, family and everything else! Pleasure marriages, outlawed by Saddam Hussian, are now becoming increasingly popular. "Temporary Marriages" aka "Pleasure Marriages"
These are short term marriages and can last anywhere from an hour to decades!
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