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The wonderful invention used for much more than just sweeping.

Aaron Lee

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Broomsticks

Double click anywhere & add an idea Used for sweeping Broomsticks and Their Uses Traditionally, broomsticks have been used for sweeping. This act is a simple and easy way to clear dust, dirt, and small debris from an area in a house or outside. Used as a type of martial arts weapon More commonly known as a bo staff, this is one of the worlds most ancient weapons. Even today, it can be effective and deadly. In a pinch, any long straight object can double as a bo staff.
The most common long straight object you're likely to find
on the street or in a store would be... surprise. A broom. Because it's fun causing bodily harm to people :D Used in movies From sci-fi to romance, broomsticks appear in all kinds of movies. Star Wars Harry Potter Men With Brooms Brooms were used to help animate lightsabers. Awesome. Magic and flying broomsticks. Typical. I hardly think an explanation is required here. Dead serious.... It's a real movie.
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