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Namitha R

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Wormholes

Einstein - Rosen Bridge Wormholes Wave- Like Properties Men Behind the Wormholes! Problem John Wheeler Hypothetically... Theoretical shortcuts which to could lead to space or time travel.
Theorized that a black hole could be connected to a white hole by a tunnel, called an Einstein-Rosen bridge, which makes up a wormhole Theorized that wormholes are extremely unstable. Quantum Theory and Heisenburg’s Uncertainty Principle: can be used to stabilize the wormhole Quantum wormholes would be smaller than sub-atomic particles, so their entrance would be too small for anything to pass through. What are Worm Holes? Casimir Effect Thus large amounts negative energy (exotic matter) is needed to keep the hole open Ludwig Flamm
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