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Physics & Dancing

No description

Kerra Cornist

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Physics & Dancing

How My Passion Relates To Physics !
By:Kerra Cornist

References !
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Speed Relates To Dancing !
D A N C I N G !
Acceleration in Dancing?
Acceleration is Rate of Change of Velocity so Yes, acceleration is used in dancing ! In dancing I would accelerate towards the floor and rise again. For example, if I need to go down because my part is over , I would accelerate toward the floor then I would rise back up to continue dancing ! Also, I would need to accelerate the way I was dancing if a song changed! For instance , if I was dancing to a slow song and BAM a up beat song starts playing. I would have to accelerate the way I was dancing!
What Is Dancing ?
Dancing is moving in rhythm to music, mostly following a set sequence of steps! Dancing is also expressing feelings through dance movements.

To be an offical dancer I would have to get an degree in Fine Arts.

Jobs that relate to dancing are dancing in Broadway, performing at parties, events, and even being a choreographer!
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Kinetic Energy !
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( Losevsky, F-team group dance at Hip Hop International Cup)
Kinetic Energy is energy of a object in motion. However, dancing alone is Kinetic Energy because my body is moving! Jumping in the air and sliding across the floor is Kinetic Energy because these movements mean that my body has to move in some type of way ! Stomping feet, clapping hands, and whipping hair is Kinetic Energy because feet, arms,head are in motion!
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Speed !
Speed is how fast an object is going ! Running or walking across a stage uses speed because I could walk slow or walk fast! I could speed up the way I learn dances or speed up the way I move my legs and arms for dance movements if a song is fast . Just running and jumping up in the air is speed because you are going fast to run and jump !
Now To Potential Energy!
Potential Energy is the opposite of Kinetic Energy. Potential Energy is stored energy in a object! Standing still and waiting to dance is Potential Energy because energy is stored and is not released till a dance movement occurs! Also, dancing then stopping with my leg in the air is Potential Energy because all my energy is getting stored in my leg till I move it again !
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(Micelotta, Beyonce performs at the Ziggo Dome)
Net Force !
Net force is more than one force acting upon an object at once! Net force on a dancer is gravity, support from the floor, and friction from the floor. For Example, two dancers pushing or throwing me up in the air could be Net Force because two forces are acting upon my body at the same time! Another example is other dancers pushing and pulling on me, that is Net Force because the other dancers would use their force on me to go a certain way.
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Momentum? Yes Momentum!
Momentum is simply Mass and Motion. Performing dance combinations across the floor creates Momentum because the dancers(mass) is in motion! My body moving, my arms moving, my tongue moving when I yell, and doing flips is all Momentum. The examples create Momentum because they all are in motion!
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~Newton's First Law~
Newton's First Law states that an object will travel in a straight line or stay still until an unbalanced force is acted upon it ! In dance, when the body is going in a certain direction it will continue to move in the same direction unless the body loses balance or start a different routine. For Example, If I was doing a back-bend and I lost my balance and fell!
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~Newton's Second Law~
Newton's Second Laws states that force equals mass times acceleration. The heavier the object the more force it takes to move it in the same speed and direction! My arms and legs motions would accelerate me to jump in a routine by creating force. This would happen because the stronger the force on an object, the stronger it's acceleration is due to gravity
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Last But Not Least Is~Newton's Third Law!~
Newtons Third Laws states that everything has an equal and/or opposite force! For Instance, me and dancers jumping ! The force of the dancers and my feet hitting the ground, and them being pushed back by the ground with equal and opposite force would be an example of this law.
("Hip hop dancer," Hip hop dancer jumping)
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