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No description

Karen Yeung

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Merbatty

Merbatty Case Study
Dela Pena, Rochelle
Espino, Carmela
Evangelista, Mary Angela
Fabie, Patricia
Francisco, Celina
Mirasol, April
Reyta, Mikhaella
Roraldo, Justine
Virtucio, Mark Alan
Yeung, Karen

designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
Case Summary
- Alberto Blanc as the first CEO
- purpose and target market segment
- leader in the industry
- loan for financing
- share options declaration
- wider scope of product types
- global expansion on sales offices
- investment on a new facility
- power of Aqua Designs over Merbatty
- philanthropic acts garnered publicity
Porter's Five
Swot Analysis
Case Problem
when luxury boats become less demandable in the market
Recommendations and Conclusions
1. Build their reputation globally
2. Quality and up-to-date technology
3. Diversify
4. Entering to new markets
5. Integrate vertically
6. Creating Advertisement
7. Establish achievable yet challenging goals
SWOT Analysis
• Customer base of wealthy individuals
• Good Investment in Research and Development
• Latest modern marine technology
• High customer loyalty and satisfaction rating
• Competent human resources and management
• Stable growth of sales
• Reputable brand name
• Thorough inspection of product before delivery
• Payment through installments to agents
• Openness to expanding business to interior design
• Diversified
• Strong Past Performance
• High Cash Ratio

• Long time allotted in purchasing raw materials hence idle times
• Few building facilities
• Stability does not always guarantee returns
• Supplies are taken from only a handful of suppliers
• Agents have more control in their contacts with the customers compared to management itself
• Too risky and higher investments needed for expansion
• Limited market segment
• No investment on other company Outsourced Materials
• Independent Agents
• Ambitious 5-year Plan

• More competitors entering and competing in the luxury boat building industry
• Effect of global recession in the economies of target countries
• Increase in value of raw materials used in boat making
• Low switching costs of current customers
• Change in social trends
• Constant wars in the Middle East (main target market)
• Quality maintenance

• Globalize operations
• Growing market for luxury boats
• New product design
• Enter into sailing in yachts market segment
• Surania expansion in the Middle East
• Customers will be given better choices through the arrival of better designs of products
• Advertising through charity works
• Vertical integration
• Forward scenario thinking of managers
TOWS Matrix
8. Maintenance Services
How demand will decrease?
Economic Changes
Substitute Products
Reaching the maturity stage
Threats of new Entrants
Capital Requirement
Learning Effects
Cost Minimization
Bargaining Power of Suppliers
Supplier's power over Merbatty
Collaboration with suppliers
Bargaining Powers of Buyers
Control of key customers
Personal preferences
full interior design services
Threats of substitutes
customizable boats
high priced customizable boats vs low priced standardized boats
Threats of Competitors
Rivalry with substitute products
Rivalry with market share
High barriers to entry
Sustaining competitive advantage
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