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Florence Nightingale

No description

sarah dennaoui

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale

Birth and Childhood
A True Nurse
Florence Nightingale was born on 12 May 1820, in Florence, Italy, and she was named after the city she was born in, she is the daughter of William Nightingale and Fanny Nightingale, and the sister of Parthe Nightingale.
Passionate child
Florence was the opposite of her sister, she was always hard working, and was always caring and kind, her father had educated her a lot, although educating girls at that time was not really popular. She had a very rich family but did not really care about that.
A caring child
The Start
At the age of seventeen, she said that god had called to her about an unamed great cause. And at the age of 25, she decided to become a nurse what made he parents refuse, They tried to change her mind by getting her married, but she refused all proposals, and strongly refused the idea of marrying.
In 1851, her father finally agreed to allow her to study nursing in Germany, after that, she studied for 2 years then graduated, but in 1853 the Crimean war occured, and 8000 men were infected by diseases.
How did she Act?
Nightingale went to the millitary hospitals and found it disgusting there, but when she wanted to work there, she was refused and rejected, but later, the hospital's condition became worse and finally the millitary allowed nightingale towork and fix the hospital as a nurse.
After that she went to turkey after selecting a few nurses, and went to fix the millitary hospitals there, and they nicknamed her "Lady with the lamp" because she used to walk at night holding a lamp to check on solieders, she only worked silently. not only that, she even went to a battlefield with 38 nurses to help there!
She died on August 13 1910, in london England, and she has influenced many people through her heroic jobs, and has inspired many with her book "Notes on Nursing". The red cross was developed by her, also, her story was told by movies , cartoons, and even a museum was made by her name as a rewrd, people were touched by her story and started fixing hospitals more and more, and she is the founder of modern nursing.
1- What year was florence born?
2- why did her parents refuse?
3- What was developed by her?
4- Where did she study?
5- Did she get married?
6- Wat did she do during the crimean war?
7- what happened to the broken legged dog?
8- what year did she die?
9- What did she write?
10-How was she awarded?

Florence once was taking a walk, when she saw a broken legged dog that was lying and that was about to die, but she took him in and healed him.
Not just that, Florence had one visited her grandma when she was ill and cared for her until she recovered. and cared for farmers when she became twelve.
Finally her father agreed to send her to Germany and let her train as a nurse there, that was in the year 1851, but two years later, the crimean war started and 8000 men had been infected by diseases, and nightingale was desparate to do something.
Bravery during crimean war
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