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Black Pearl Cold Coffee

Principles of Marketing project

Junaid Malik

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Black Pearl Cold Coffee

Black Pearl Cold Coffee
Group Members
Mehreen Ashraf
Bilal Mehmood
Nisar Ahmed

The idea is to introduce a range of bottled
cold coffee through a new brand
called Black Pearl,
under the umbrella of Nescafe,
the market leader in coffee &
its related products.
Mission Statement
Nescafe takes you on a journey,

From simulation to relaxation to refreshment of moods when you have high moments and low moments

Nescafe’s new Black Pearl cold coffee provides you with instant relaxation and gives you that special spark, keeping you one step ahead.

To social yet ambitious people working around the clock, Black Pearl cold coffee offers a range of tasteful flavors that refreshes you and gives you the energy to keep going. Black Pearl fulfills the need for a refreshing, ready to drink cold coffee while providing a choice of delectable flavors
Position Statement
Made from specially selected & roasted coffee beans in order to capture the aroma and taste of the coffee.

We aim at delivering the best flavored cold coffee to the customer which will keep them energized all day long.

The fresh taste of coffee helps in reliving them from the hot climate and would refresh their moments.

The 300ml bottle would be made up of plastic which could be re-cycled, and it would be easy and handy to carry while on the move.
Cookies and Cream
Black Roast
Black Pearl would be available
in 7 different flavors:
As price develops an image of our product
in the eyes of the customer Black Pearl has decided that it would practice market penetration pricing technique by setting a low price to attract a large number of buyers and a large market share. Price would be set at Rs 45.
Sales promotion would be practiced,

By bundling free samples of Black Pearl
with Nescafe’s regular coffee.

Free samples would be offered in the
major universities located in urban cities.

Advertisements would be run on television, and in newspapers. Moreover, billboards would be set up in urban and suburban areas of major cities.
Nescafe is well established in Pakistan, so the company already has a very good distribution and placement channel.
Black Pearl would be delivered to wholesellers as well as retailers.
The company will also deliver Black Pearl directly to the major wholesale outlets like Macro, Metro and Hyper Star.
The regions targeted would be urban and suburban areas of major cities, particularly in southern Pakistan.
SWOT Analysis
Strong Nescafe brand name

Excellent advertising and visibility

Good product distribution and

Lots of flavors available

Coffee contains anti-oxidants which are good for health, and it also decreases heart diseases
Coffee is still relatively an emerging market, and many people are still not familiar.

Many people are not regular consumers of coffee
Busy schedule observed by most people demands a refreshing and energizing drink.
Most people choose tea over coffee, as it is a part of local culture and tradition, hence, the major threat faced by Black Pearl is tea.
PEST Analysis
Black Pearl could be hampered by political conditions in Pakistan, including civil unrest, government changes and restrictions, loadshedding, and terrorism, which result in problems in manufacturing and delivering goods.
Economy has a direct effect on sales and revenues. Pakistan is currently victim to an unstable economy. A recession depresses business, causing redundancies and lower spending levels, and hence lower sales and revenues.
Nescafe, a customer oriented company, always take steps for the welfare of its customers.
Black Pearl is using all the new technologies available in production, refrigeration methods and distribution so that it maintains all the quality standards of our product until it reaches the customer.
After extensive market research by Nescafe, the findings reported:
Market Research
Black Pearl comes in an attractive packaging in the form of recyclable PET bottles.
As there are 7 different flavors, each bottle would have a different color scheme according to the flavor.
The bottle is compact, durable and recyclable, keeping in line with Nescafe’s dedication to quality as well as protecting the environment.
A large number of people consume tea as it a part of culture & tradition. In recent times, coffee has been gaining popularity .

With the increasing number of cafes in Pakistan, coffee has gained popularity with certain groups of people. More people are starting to consume coffee.

People ranging from nearly all ages drink coffee, however, it is the youth and the working adults who consume coffee most heavily.

The lifestyles of coffee consumers are generally narrowed down to hardworking students, teachers, office workers and businessmen, and early risers.
Consumer Behavior
Geographic Segmentation
Black Pearl will most readily be available in urban and suburban areas, with focus on the Punjab region as this region is likely to be most receptive to cold coffee. It would be made available in most major and small retail stores.
Geographic Segmentation
Black Pearl caters to both males and females, between the ages of 16-45.
Among this group, the consumers that are focused on particularly are:
Students of colleges and universities.
Working adults such as professionals, managers, officials, business men etc
We are targeting:
Achievers and strivers in middle,
middle upper, lower upper &
upper classes, having ambitious
& sociable personalities.
We are channeling Black Pearl towards medium and heavy users, who seek quality and convenience from Black Pearl.

We expect strong loyalty status and a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards Black Pearl
Behavioral Segmentation
The main competitors to Black Pearl are:
Iced Tea
Flavored milks

They have a comparatively smaller share, & cater to a more selective consumer market.
Hence these are the competitors that should be directly challenged
Competitor Analysis
As Black Pearl comes in a variety of flavors, it has a comparative advantage over its competition.

It also has an advantage over its competitors in packaging. Once the can or the tetra pack is opened you can’t seal it back whereas in Black Pearl even after the bottle is opened its freshness can restored again.

Black Pearl exists under the strong umbrella of Nescafe, which people are familiar and comfortable with.
Advantages over its Competitors
Junaid Tariq
Marketing Mix
Diabetic people would not drink Black Pearl due to the sugar present in it.
With the month of Ramadan around the corner, the demand for chilled beverages will rise significantly.
Nescafe has launched programs to increase awareness about the conservation of water and natural resources, climate changes, proper disposal of waste, environmental education and recyclable products.
The recyclable products used in manufacturing Black Pearl helps save the environment.
Bottles produced for Black Pearl are durable and do not compromise on quality, while still being recyclable.
Market Segmentation
Demographic Segmentation
Psychographic Segmentation
Behavioral Segmentation
Thank you!
Other threats faced are flavored milk, and milk shakes.
Moazzam Anwar
Classes of unskilled worker, non executive staff, small shopkeeper, lower executive officer are highly unlikely to develop a taste for coffee, as they prefer tea because it is a part of culture and tradition in Pakistan.
Classes of employed professional medium business men, senior executive, large business men have greater exposure to western culture where coffee is popular, and form the solid segment of the market that consumes coffee.
Black Pearl stands out because of lack of any such flavored cold coffee available in the market while there is a reasonable desire in the market for it.
Psychographic Segmentation
Demographic Segmentation
Market growth
The market for cold coffee is growing rapidly. Our area supports a population that has many of the same needs and interests of this larger group. The student population continues to grow as a University grows in popularity with high school graduates from out of cities. These students tend to have money and an interest in upscale purchasing of new innovative products.
Marketing Objectives
The following marketing objectives are the focus of this marketing plan:
1. Increase consumer awareness of the healthy aspects of drinking coffee.
2. Increase sales in major stores of Lahore by promoting the health aspects of drinking coffee.
Target Marketing
Action planning
New commercial will be broadcasted
Seeking the attention of the coffee lovers as well as it will expand the target market by letting people aware of the fact that “black pearl cold coffee” is suitable for all ages.
Promotion: TV Adds
Place: Geo Price: Upto 3 lacs
Time: 55 sec. duration
Free distribution of coffee in different institutions having product displays
It will increase the awareness about the product.
Rs.90,000 to Rs. One lac
Sponsorship for events
The sponsorship will help in publicity of “black pearl”
The company has set its budget with a view of gaining maximum consumers and having maximum profits. The Nescafe has set the total budget of: Rs.30 million.
 Advertisement-Rs 50,000 lacs

 Free samples-Rs.45*2000= Rs. 90,000

 Event organization-Rs. 900,000 each
On the production plant, the company is investing Rs. 1.75 million.
We are applying PRs. 7.5 million on placement of our product. Because we are placing the seven new flavors in the cold coffee in different areas so that it is easily accessible to the coffee lovers.
The management will keep on eye on day to day activities in the organization.
We will also manage a separate team, which is basically for the purpose of surveys on constant basis so that we can have a direct touch with the consumers and can know about the variety changings in consumer’s demand.
The management is directed to observe the action programs strictly because we know this fact really well that our basic purpose of all the action is to expand the consumer demand as well as market shares.
There will be no compromise on the quality of product, the health of the consumer is very important for us. So every single product will be especially checked for its quality.
Other objectives for example on time delivery, the sales promotions, and the customer’s interaction will also be considered.
“Black Pearl cold coffee” will definitely be warmly welcomed in the market as there is no such alternative of cold coffee is available in market. Our survey shows the consumer’s interest of enjoying cold coffee is greatly positive. So the Nescafe will once again up to the mark in providing the customer delight and so will enjoy the higher market shares.
Targeting of product is only possible after segmentation analysis. As we know that people in Pakistan like cold coffee. Black Pearl cold coffee specially targeted the youth and office employees.
15-24y 21.7%

25-54 y 34.5%

55-64 y 4.8%

Total target marketing = 61%
Bilal Liaqat
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