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Moog Culture Of Health 5 Year Strategy

No description

Calvin Schadt

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Moog Culture Of Health 5 Year Strategy

A Path To A Culture Of Health
5 Year Strategy
Many initiatives have minimal cost
If we agree on general direction then develop detailed budget
Business case will be conducted & GHRLT consulted before implementing any initiative with significant cost (ex. Wellness centers, fitness center)
Our success will be determined in large part by your support- Can we count on you?


Promote local activities and volunteer events (walks/runs/United Way etc.) in communities served by our employees/families - 2015

Sponsor local events in communities encourage employee/family participation - 2017
Support Community Health and Well-being

Evive Sample Communication

All locations tobacco free-
November 2015
(Great American Smoke Out)
Assemble nationwide “Ambassadors” - 2014
Leadership approval of U.S. tobacco free policy - 2014
Announce tobacco free policy November 20, 2014
Promote no cost resources for tobacco cessation
Begin day of announcement (11/20/14)- 2018
Nicotine replacement therapy, HealthPartners, EAP & health plan
Evaluate tobacco-free policy What’s working what needs to be changed – 2016
Proposed tobacco surcharge for medical plan – 2016

Tobacco Free Campus – By 2015

Develop walking trails/maps for all large locations - 2014
Stair well utilization campaigns – 2015
Bright paint, increased lighting and hang pictures
Reduce pro-longed periods of sitting - 2015
“Move More” campaign, promote sit/stand work stations, walking meetings & walk breaks
Lunch and learn for managers
Work with local fitness facilities ( larger locations) to provide discounted membership – 2016
Implement fitness rooms/centers at larger locations - 2017

Access To Physical Activity

Promote Healthy Food Options

Promote healthy food options
Provide physical activity access on/off site
Become tobacco free all US locations
Increase compliance with age-appropriate preventative care
Offer preventative & acute medical services –all US locations
Actively support community health and well-being
Research inHealth medical plan vs. premium reduction
Obtain support from leadership- including inHealth Champion

Culture Of Health Objectives: By 2018 Moog will:

Enhance the health and well-being of our employees
Employee health becomes a core Moog value
Positively impact the health-related costs for Moog

Culture Of Health Goals

Change in direction “Culture of Health” 5 year strategy vs. feasibility study
Fundamental program shift
Focus resources on culture of health initiatives
Less focus and resources on health screening and programmatic costs
Benefits strategy and structure worked well

Where Are We Going?

Review proposed “Culture of Health” strategy
Your participation and input in the discussion
Your support in reaching the goals
Reach agreement on general direction:
Goals & objectives

Today’s Purpose & Outcomes

Complete value-based project and update leadership - 2014
Develop inHealth scorecards metrics for leadership - 2015
Recognition of Champion role in employee review – 2015
Promote personal success stories from our leaders - 2015
Encourage leadership to participate in the inHealth program
Set goal of 75% participation from leadership – 2016
Leadership represented in Champion network -2016
Allow Champion work time for roles/responsibilities -2016

Obtain Moog Leadership Support

Analyze risks/challenges vs. benefits of rewarding participants with enhanced “inHealth plan”- 2015
Determine requirements for eligibility- 2016
Design the inHealth plan- 2016
Implement inHealth plan depending on further review- 2017
inHealth Medical Plan

Offer Preventive & Acute Medical Services to all U.S. Employees

Collaborate with Evive to provide custom behavior driven communications - 2014
Personalized, timely, and straightforward communication with clear call to action
Promote preventive care via inHealth Digest/eDigest
Target cancer screenings, topics related to national monthly health observances – 2014 - 2018
Collaborate with Moog Family Wellness Center promote convenient, no cost services – 2015
Offer on-site screening - 2016
Implement “Wellness Day” (8 hr PTO) for Moog employees to complete their screenings - 2017

Increase Compliance with Age-appropriate Preventive Care

inHealth initiated in 2010
Healthcare cost reduction project/avoidance
Alere out…HealthPartners in 2012
We began to rethink our strategy (outcomes based)
Health Universe - April 2013
Proposed how different elements (health, benefits, etc. are linked)
Proposed a focus on the whole universe, not just tangible costs / results
Culture of health feasibility study proposed- July 2013

How Did We Get Here?

Research telemedicine/virtual clinic services - 2015
Collaborate with QuadMed extend preventative/wellness services to all U.S. locations - 2015
Develop business case for wellness centers at appropriate Moog locations – 2015-2018
Implement wellness centers as supported by business case- 2015-2018

What questions do you have?
Implement guidelines for healthy catering – 2014
Engage administrative assistants as advocates
Work with food service vendors to promote ”better for you” options – 2015
Research vendor contracts promote healthy cafeteria(s) and vending – 2016
Research collaboration with farmers markets, Community Supported Agriculture, etc. – 2016-2018
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