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Genetically Modified Animals

the Umbuku Lizard

Ting Tang

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Genetically Modified Animals

The Umbuku Lizard Some Genetic Engineers in Zimbabwe managed to unlock the DNA of flight of the Umbuku lizard, a very small and rare lizard native to Africa. It is believed that the lizard is a descendent of the Pterodactyl, which lost its ability to fly millions of years ago. There are currently only 6 of theses due to the fear of possible cross breading This creature was not designed for a practical reason, but merely
to prove that it could be done. (:And they sure proved it :) The scientiests at the lab worked with a normal Umbuku Lizard egg
and before it begain to form, they fiddled with the Lizards cells Nucleus
and unlocked a hidden strand of DNA which told the Lizard to be like
his ancestors and grow wings. So then, When the lizard is born, it will have wings.
However, in this case, new DNA wasn't added, it was just that
the lizards tiny bit of flying DNA was found and emphaized. his mom is not going to have to
lie when she tells him he's special ;) So now............... This could get very bad if one of the modified lizards escapes
because then cross breeding could become a problem and so there
would be tons of then in the wild . Aother problem is since the lizard
abandoned his flight DNA a long time ago, it must mean that they are
no longer in need of them. So putting wings on a lizard that has absolute no use of them could make the lizards life very hard think about it! Would you want to grow up
with a tail? Being different from all your friends and having to live with such a pain? U might say yea at first but really? How inconvienient! No some say it is animal cruelty,
its just not right, sure flying would be pretty nice but
not to a lizard! You took a natural living thing and turned it into
a man made speices... Isn't there something wrong with that? It is a step further into the future,
the time we start getting curious and start to
minipulate nature was boound to happen, think of all
the benifits that this could lead! * if they can do that with a lizard, they will soon be able to do that with a human! * This technique will be able to help us towards better and faster health care * I new pet flying lizard YES!!!!!!! Sure I understand that its humainly wrong and your not respecting
the animals and yada yada.........
but honestly, if you thinnk about it, if we were the lizard and the lizard was us,
i they would be doing the exact same thingto us.

We are smarter, more civilized and so we bacically can do anything so i honestly dont think that we should have to limit ourselves for a couple of lizards.

We have developed a society money and technolegie so if lizards can do that and we couldn't koodos to them and they could do what ever the heck they wanted with us. so yes, i am for genetically Modified Animals ps. i was going to write about the history of the
the Umbuku Lizard and when it was found and such but there is ABSOULUTLY no infromation about them
what so ever but its 10:00 pm and i dont think that it
would be very smart to start all over :'(
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