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The HEMP generation - title whatever

No description

Andrea Pinto

on 30 November 2013

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Transcript of The HEMP generation - title whatever

Industrial uses
Industrial Hemp
By the HEMP researchers:
Cristina Ballestero
Yochabel Goiceochea
Andrea Pinto

Who is going to feed it?
During these 40 years the world’s population ...

Farmland did not...
Therefore, we have more and more people living off the same amount of cultivable land...

What can be done for a

1 Farmer produced enough food for 19 people
1 Farmer produced enough food for 155 people
Let's go back some time...
Farming is still
part of spanish
national economy
Spain has more than 29 million acres (11,7 million under permanent crops)
Produces more olive oil than Italy, exports more wine than France and its organic products have high demand

Spain is number 2 in Europe and 8 in the world dedicated to ecological crops
The agricultural ministry estimates that Spain will need to devote 1 million hectare ( 2,5 million acre ) to grains and oilseed

1 Farmer produced enough food for 73 people
Next time you see a farmer...

Say Thank you!
Hemp and
both come
from the
same plant
Cannabis Sativa L
Hemp contains from 0,3% to 1,5% of THC and marijuana contains about 3%-10% or more THC.

To get high you would have to smoke a joint the size of a telephone pole!
It is impossible to get high out of hemp...
why introduce

We believe agricultural development is

People perception on Hemp its only a drawback to the other 25,000 uses of the plant
If it grows in the U.K, can you imagine what it could do in Spain?
Does anyone knows what
Why did we choose
Farmers are AMAZING people
They have to be part,

and all...

We believe Hemp can be a win-win situation for the economy and the environment
Curiously, Spain was the largest producer in the XVII century
The land, the weather and its geography are suitable for hemp agriculture
Spain needs…
Economic stimulus and

Hemp could be just the crop to jump-start Spain's green economy

Helping Spain to get
back on track
Hemp is one of the earliest domesticated plants known

Dating back to approximately 8,000 BC
Hemp use is one of the oldest industries on the planet

Scientist and archaeologist have been finding evidence from various geographical areas around the world

Hemp use archaeologically dates back to the Neolithic Age in China, with hemp fiber imprints found on Yangshao culture pottery dating from the 5th century BC. The Chinese later used hemp to make clothing, shoes , ropes, and an early form of paper
This leads us to think about the long list of needs these crops covered...
Hemp in later Europe was mainly cultivated for its fibers, and was used for ropes on many ships, including those of Christopher Columbus...
The Spaniards brought hemp to the Western Hemisphere and cultivated it in Chile starting about 1545
The U.S. government produced a film encouraging farmers to grow hemp
Hemp was used extensively by the United States during World War II.
Paper products, textiles, nutritional supplements, essential oils, medicine, food, body care products, construction, etc...
Hemp is... A plant that nurtures the soil, instead of depleting it. It is a plant that grows in any weather and climate

Once the World War II was finished and the International economies had been restored, hemp crops start to disappear as opposed to the new fibers and plastics

When we grow
This is what we can
Hemp for
The first cars made by Henry Ford ran with hemp fuel
In 2001, the first carbon neutral car was driven in America with hemp fuel
The first carbon neutral biodiesel
It can also deliver considerable fuel energy savings in transportation such as automobile interiors
Hemp for
Hemp fibers are the strongest in the planet
No surprise it has been used since 400 A.D
All the ropes and textiles in history has been made out of hemp
Hemp textile is very strong, UV protective and antibacterial
3x stronger
4x warmer
7x durable

Cotton: one of the most water and pesticide intensive crops in the world
Needs approximately twice as much territory as hemp per ton of finished textile
Needs around 50% more water per season than hemp, which can grow with little irrigation
Than its competitor
Also, Hemp provides more fiber per hectare (250%+) than cotton
Hemp is a low input,
low impact crop
Even high fashion Ralph Lauren uses hemp for its designs
Trees has only 30% of cellulose, which is with what paper is done

Hemp is up to 85% cellulose
Is it a joke?
Hemp paper last longer and can be recycled more times than wood paper
1 acre of hemp produces as much paper as 4 to 10 acres of trees
Not mentioning, that
deforestation is the biggest
problem that causes climate change
This is because…

Hemp takes 4 months to mature when trees can take up to 18 years

Hemp for

Hemp, is the only plant with complete omega 3’s which are essential for the human body and improve brain functioning.

So, you can also get Hemp protein, hemp milk, hemp oil, hemp bread…

The items are endless... 25.000 and plus
Hemp is one of the best food
items you can consume
We can get our fatty acids from hemp instead of fish
Besides helping the land,
Hemp also helps the oceans
We are losing species as well
as entire ecosystems
As a result,
Oceans are under stress
at risk of collapse
The overfishing of the oceans has been demonstrated by the disappearing of thousands of species year by year.

Your favourite fish may
not be on your
dining table in 10 years

Hemp could help save
our oceans from
Hemp for

Hempcrete: A renewable way of building, instead of a extracting way of building

Internal stem of the plant + lime based binder + water = Negative carbon footprint building material
Lime based binder does not need heat, when concrete needs to be heated 3000 degrees
Hempcrete has proven to get harder throughout the time and last hundreds of years

Insulates naturally - Buffers temperature and humidity - Not produce carbon dioxide
In a hemp concrete home it has
been proven that less energy is
used, less pollution and carbon dioxide
Hemp for
5X stiffer and 2,5X stronger than standard plastic
The purpose of
hemp plastics?
Also, every single product is biodegradable and even recyclable

The European Industrial Hemp Association
Hemp world
Ben Dronkers
Ongoing Hemp project in Catalunya
The planet is in search of renewable sources of energy
Is all this agricultural practices wearing out the soil?

Hemp renews the soil and does not cause erosion nor need pesticides
In order to be successful in farming hemp, lots of things have to go right
Remember this
In 10 years worldwide demand for food and resources will grow 20%

There are currently 6,8 billion people in the world

In 2050, there will be 9,3 billion

Between 2010 and 2050, farmers will have to produce as much food and resources as agriculture has ever produced since farming started…

So, what are we waiting for?

Ben, has a message for all of us!
Hemp can
the world
Hemp can
the world
Hemp can
the world
Hemp can
the world
How much people know about hemp?
No knowledge, no demand
Survey results
Amount of land destined to
agricultural practices in Spain
Why Spain?
HEMP really is...
Hemp car interior
Hemp for
Hemp paper is far superior than paper made out of wood

The other 70% of the tree must be thrown away using toxic chemicals in most paper industries
Our legacy: a dead ocean?
Smartest nature building material yet?

No health and safety risks associated with certain plastics

Formed itself as an association of Hemp primary processing companies within
the EU (regular members)
Applications for European Hemp Fibre from harvest 2010, in total 26,000 metric tones (EIHA 2012)
Relative Price development for hemp and flax technical shorts fibres from European production 2003-2013


Founder of the Sensi Seed Bank, HempFlax, and the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum
Interview to Ben Dronkers
World Hemp Fibre and Tow Major Importers (1996)
Industrial Fibre in EU
Hemp Production Area in Canada (1998-2011) in Acres
THC: Tetrahydrocannabinol, the ingredients that make you high
The success factor?
Does anyone know the possible uses of hemp?
Uses more than four times as much water as hemp for its processes
Canada: Industrial Hemp Total imports and Exports
World Market Share: Hempseed Production (1997)
Hemp Production in tones (2003-2004) FAOSTAT
Hemp Production in tones (2003-2004) FAOSTAT
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