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01.04 Service Project: Assessment

No description

Sharifa Islam

on 18 January 2015

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Transcript of 01.04 Service Project: Assessment

Name of Community You Will Serve :
Woodland community
List at least five issues in your community. Indicate the two that interest you most.

Improving Parking for Disabled Citizens ( interests me most)
Protect Our Green Space, Stop Cutting Trees
Homelessness (interests me most)
School bus Safety: Consider Where They Stop
Whom does the issue or problem affect? How does it affect them?
Are others already working on the issue?
Who else cares about it that you know?
Who has information that can help you?
#2. Homelessness:
This issue affects me, my family and community as a whole. This is really sad. Some people are working on this issue. Many unemployed people as well a senior citizens are homeless so homeless shelters will have information.
01.04 Service Project: Assessment Part A

Part A: Investigate and Plan
by Sharifa Islam
#1. Improving Parking for Disabled Citizens:
This issue affects me as well as the disabled people. It affects me because I feel bad for them. Yes, measures are being taken to improve it. The community as a whole cares for it as well as the county head in charge of parking issues.
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