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Maria Cristian Gomez

No description

Amy Liddiard

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Maria Cristian Gomez

Maria Cristian Gomez's story. The Maria Gomez Cross Maria decided to work as a school teacher because she thought it was injust that ordinary people had no education, Meaning they could not read or write, which meant they could not stand up for their rights. Maria thought alot of things were injust like that, woman were treated as second class citizens. The men expected them to stay in the background. They worked hard but were never recognised. What happened next? One day Maria was teaching and she got shot and was killed, her body was dragged away and was left on a road side, where someone found the body. The next part Christians thought that Maria Gomez's story was injust because she never harmed anyone she was just trying to help ordinary people how to read and write, she was just getting on with her daily life and then some injust people killed her. What Christians thought of the story? this is the Maria Gomez Cross it shows you what
Maria Gomez did in her life and she is the one standing in the middle of the cross. Well El Salvador was injust because it was ruled by the fourteen most powerful families. They always got their own way. El Salvador was that when you were rich you were at the top and everyone knew you but when you were poor you kept yourself quiet and out of the way of the rich people.
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