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Rise of Hitler

Biographical account of Adolf Hitler

Ikechukwu Nwoko

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Rise of Hitler

Ike Nwoko Rise of Hitler World War I
After Hitler was denined entrance intp the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, he would enlist in the army after the start of WWI. World War I German Worker's Party:
After the loss of WWI, and the establishment of Weimer Republic, Hitler would later be assigned to keep tabs on the German Worker's Party
He would later help convert the Party from a De facto discussion group to an actual Political Party
He would also use his position to help spread his anti-semitic views towards the Jews
German Worker's Party Rise To Power:
German Worker's Party (Continued)...
Hitler's oration and anti-semitic publication towards the Jews would lead to the Party being renamed to the National Socialist German Party
He would later become chairman of the party and adopt the swastika as the Party's symbol
Rise To Power Putsch:
He would later endorse the fall of Weimer replublic and plan a Putsch in Berlin with his Nazi supporters to rid the government of Communist and Jews in a Beer Hall in 1923
After his Beer Hall Putsch, he would be arrested and sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment (But would be released 8 months later)
During his imprisonment, he would publish the Mein Kampf, which would detail his views on the future of Germany

Putsch Rise To Dictatorship:
After he was released from prison, he would later reestablish the Nazi Party and assume political power constitutionally (He was able to do this by gaining support from the working class)
In 1932, he would run for President aginst Hindenburg but loses the election
He would later argue for a new election and use his Nazi Domestic Policy to help him take office as Chancellor in 1933
The Reichstag would later pass the Enabling Act, which would give him Dictorial Authority to Hitler's Cabinet, in 1933
He would also use this act to continue with his plans of the millitarization of Germany (Hitler's appointment as Chancellor of Germany would later lead to the fall of the German Replubic which would be known as the Third Reich).

Rise To Dictatorship World War II:
Hitler would later order the annexation of Austria and invade Poland in 1939, which would later lead to the start of WWII
He would also ignore the the Non-Aggression Pact and invade the Soviet Union
Several early victories would come after Hitler would invade the Soviet Union
World War II Downfall:
Hitler would later suffer a humiliating defeat in Moscow
They would later suffer another humiliating defeat at Stalingrad in 1942 (His defeats would be due to him focusing to much on bombing many Russian cities and his facilitating of the Holocaust).
After U.S.A. enters the war for the bombing of Pearl Harbor, they invade Normandy and destroy many German cities and also attack Germany's greatest ally, Italy
The fall of Benito Mussolini; their greatest ally in the war, and the Allied Powers gaining much control over the Axis Powers' territory would ultimately lead to the downfall of Germany

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