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Business Model Canvas (Introduction) Lecture # 2 (Aug 10. 2012)

Stephen Paterson: Entrepreneurship & New Ventures

Stephen Paterson

on 5 January 2017

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Transcript of Business Model Canvas (Introduction) Lecture # 2 (Aug 10. 2012)

Logic Creativity Customer Segments KEY RESOURCES:
Physical (e.g. factory / machines),
financial, human, intellectual (patents) KEY ACTIVITIES
core competencies to
sustain bus. model (e.g.
manufacturing, software
Creating Value for Customers
- Satisfying needs
- Solving Problems
(Attribute Map) CHANNELS
How company reaches its Customers
to deliver Value Proposition
- Communication, distribution
- Sales Channels
Types of relationships with
cutomer Segments. (e.g. Personal assistance, self-service, Automated, Co-creation...etc.
How does a company get, keep and grow customers? REVENUE
(One time sale,
subscription fees,
advertising, etc.)
- unit of business KEY PARTNERSHIPS
Suppliers, Partners,
Strategic Alliances,
Coopetition ??? COST STRUCTURE
Most important costs
in Business Model.
Cost driven vs.
Value driven Examples of
Patterns: The Long Tail:
"selling less of more"
- Lulu.com Multi-Sided Platforms
- Google, Facebook
- Free as a business Model Freemium
- Get the basics for free,
Pay for more...
e.g. Linked-in, Prezi www.businessmodelgeneration.com/ Mass Market, Niche Market, Segemented, etc. 4 levels of Understanding BMC
- Check list
- Connections among 9 Pieces
- Recogizing Patterns
- Dynamic - Evolves over time A Business Model shows how a company:
"creates, delivers & captures value" "Get out of the building"
(Steve Blank) Test your hypotheses with
real customers by building a
"Minimum Viable Product"
(Steve Blank) Learn from failure...
Fail small, fail fast...
pivot.... constant iterations
Lecture # 2: Introduction
to Business Model Canvas
(Stephen Paterson) Final Advice:
"Think Big, Start Small & Scale Fast" (Source: Saul Kaplan, "Business Model Innovation Factory"
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