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2012 Review & 2013 Projections

No description

Kim Katrin Milan

on 11 September 2016

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Transcript of 2012 Review & 2013 Projections

Knowledge & Equity
Spectrum Artist Support
Relationships & Networks
Community Based Learning
Community Art Projects
A Sample Of Organizations We Have Delivered Arts & Equity Workshops To
Over 300,000 into the hands of queer and trans organizers including
All participants have been supported in both grant writing and fundraising
We continue to engage as friends and colleagues
OUTwords Reunion
'It's about meanings, not definitions.'
Community Archiving Project
Over five decades of research studies on thousands of youth has consistently found that the key factor that promotes resilience in youth is the presence of quality relationships, and that “initiatives that foster positive relationships with strong role models should be paramount.” (The Learning Partnership, 2009, p. 19)
“There are often very set paths of ways to be successful – this program keeps you grounded and opens up other possibilities and ways to create future for yourself. It’s nice to know I don’t have to succumb to a set path”.
- Participant Testimonial
“I realized how important feeling connected to other people is to me. In the past I would say I don’t need anyone, I’m strong. Through the process of healing and therapy, I realized actually I do need other people, need support, need to feel loved and cared for. Being a part of OUTwords has made me aware of that – a space where people are loving, supportive and encourage you.”
14 Genders
42 Different Ethno-cultural Backgrounds
Youth identify as street-involved, as sex workers, as differently abled and (dis)abled, as newcomers, as genderqueer and trans among others
8 Different Artistic Mediums
Participants continue their involvement across the sector. They are:
Youthline Award Winners
Asian Arts Freedom School Staff
McGill University Students
Program Coordinators
Sign Language Interpreters and Anti-O Facilitators
Who are you and how do you identify?
What are you proud of?
What are you working on?
What do you want to leave behind?
What do we need to make our community healthier?
Youth Social Infrastructure
Multi City Dialogue “New Genders:
Deconstructing Sexism, Transphobia and Homonormativity in Queer & Trans Communities
2 Spirit & Trans Gender Affirmation Fund
Dinner Dialogues
Gender Exhibition
Online Network Building
Participant Reflections From 2010 - 2012
Sofia Guerriei, 2011 OUTwords Participant
Graphic Recording Of Community Dialogue 'Queer As (Black) Folk
Developed by The People Project Intersectional Model Of Gender & Sexuality Used In Workshop Facilitation
Deviant Productions
&Ill Nana
SOY Community Mural Project. 2010
OUTwords 2010 Participant Exhibition
2012 TAC Funded Mural Project
Radical Street Art
OUTwords 2012 Arts Project
Community Based Events
Home Of Our Offices
Learn about our shared platform!
2013 Projects
2012 Year In Review & 2013 Projections
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