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Global Warming

No description

maddy everingham

on 22 August 2014

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Transcript of Global Warming

Global Warming
By Maddy Everingham
Global Warming Definition
Climate is the weather at a particular place, based on weather events over many years. Climate change is the changing of these climate patterns in a certain area.
What Is Causing Climate Change?
The heating of the Earth is caused by the production of green house gasses. When produced and released into the atmosphere it becomes trapped and therefore heats the Earth.
Producers of green house gasses are as following

Burning of fossil fuels
Natural disasters such as a volcano and forest fires
Carbon from living organisms
Carbon emissions from human activity such as driving
Methane being released from the polar caps as they melt.

The Impacts Of Global Warming
Social, environmental and economical impacts.
How to Individually Manage Global Warming
Use less fresh water, in activities such as showering, as the standard shower head uses more than 25 litres of heated water per minute.

Change your homes energy to a more sustainable source. For example wind power, water energy or solar panels, are more sustainable as do not produce green house gasses.

If we could capture all the sunlight that falls on Earth in one hour there would be enough power for an entire year.

How Do Groups Manage Global Warming
People worldwide, and more than 150 pop groups and rock groups joined together in 2007 on an onstage concert, Live Earth to raise awareness for global warming. Over 7 continents they raised awareness and promoted "going green".
How Do Government Lower Their Impacts Of Global Warming
The Australian government lead by Julia Gillard introduced a country wide tax on carbon emissions. Companies and people were made to pay extra tax based on how much carbon they produced. This was set in place in a hope to lower the amount of carbon Australians produced and therefore lowering Australia’s carbon footprint.
How would Managing This Issue Promote Ecological Sustainability
If we were able to slow down the process of the ice caps retreating then pacific islanders would have a more reliable food source for the future. There would be a lower salinity level in the farming soil so crops would thrive and last longer and feed more people. Also, the local fishing industry would be rebuilt and coral reefs would be more reliable as there would be less powerful waves caused from global warming and the reeves would be able to grow as a lower methane level in the water would allow them to grow. Therefore producing a more permanent, sustrainable food source for the local islanders.
Climate change is an important issue that needs to be faced today, not tomorrow or any other day. It is a problem of today.


The main reason for increased temperatures is because of human activity. As our species continues to breed, our population becomes bigger. Increased populations has led to more energy, food and resources being consumed. All of these activities produce green house gasses, heating the Earths climate.
Social Impacts
With rising sea levels many low lying island will cease to
exist. For the local people of these islands they will therefore loose their homes due to flooding, meaning they will have turned into climate refugees.

Already these small islands are facing the impacts of climate change. Lately, local underground water supplies have become contaminated with salt water, leading to a lack of drinking water. Climate change is also affecting crops as their is a higher salinity level in the soil meaning a lower chance of survival and less food for the islanders.
With ice caps retreating as the temperature rises, many animals like the polar bear are losing their homes. Polar bears are strong swimmers however without ice for resting on these animals are starting to drown and die off and soon may face extinction. Many other arctic creatures are facing the same problem, like seals and penguins.

As the ice caps retreat and slowly melt, they are letting out a green house gas. Methane. This chemical substance is being released into the atmosphere and polluting the water. On entering the water it is traveling to areas such as the Great Barrier Reef. It is here that the methane is killing many types of corals. As corals are an important part of the local ecosystem losing them is harming the environment substantially as many organisms feed from coral and use them as a habitat.

Losing the polar ice caps would mean not just destroying the arctic ecosystem but also many marine ecosystems.
Crops on low lying islands are more frequently flooded now and the soil is then contaminated with salt, ruining the soil. This means it is becoming harder for locals to produce food and cash crops. Farmers then have less to sell and therefore it is damaging local economies.

The local island fishing industry is also at risk as warmer ocean temperatures and more methane in the water is leading to killing coral reefs. Reefs are the main habitat for fish and a feeding ground for them. Now however there are fewer reefs and fewer fish to hunt and therefore less to sell at the market.

Economic Impacts

There will be more resources for the future generations to use if we try and stop global warming today. Do you really want your child growing up and having to live of processed food for their entire lives because past generations did not leave any resources like fish for them?
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Picture of Live Earth was not under any copyright laws
By Maddy Everingham
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