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Outer Space

No description

Victoria Rice

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Outer Space

Training On Land
There are 3 different types of training:
Physical Training
Candidate Training
Astronaut Training
Increasing G Forces
Extremely dangerous
Can cause passing out or even death.
Perils Of Walking Outside The Space Vehicle
There are many perils for walking outside of the spaceship such as:
facing exreme temperatures
being hit by small particles of dust or rock
There are many ways to be prepared and take precaution though.
Normal Sleep Patterns
Average amount of sleep a person should get
How astronauts sleep in space
Outer Space
By: Tristan Simpson, Victoria Rice, Monica Alverson, and Taylor Strickland

What Is Inside The Backpack To Survive In Space?
Toothbrush and toothpaste.
Personal items
calcium enriched products
anabolic steroids
"Top 5" Rules for Staying Healthy In Space
Having a balanced diet.
Frequently excercise.
Staying clean and sanatized.
Getting plenty of rest.
Stay protected from harmful radiation due to the Sun.
Exercise In Space
In space bone mass is lost
Excercise helps bone remodeling
Accumulation Carbon Dioxide
Carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere is 0.04 percent
In cabins of spacecraft, carbon dioxide concentration gets much higher
Carbon dioxide is toxic
Remove carbon dioxide with canisters that contain powdered lithium hydroxide

Conclusion Question
Skeletal System
Cardiovascular System
Respiratory System
No-Gravity Environment
Muscles shrink in zero-gravity.
The flow throughout the body is compromised.
New Invention
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