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Keep Me In Mind?

No description

Nathaniel Easton

on 14 December 2015

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Transcript of Keep Me In Mind?

Keep Me In Mind?
For some strange reason we ended up in micro economics together. Although it was an awful class and ended up being a ton of work I will be forever thankful for all the work your hubby Ferny made us do. I got to know you a lot better and I also got to know Janae! Even though the assignments were ridiculously annoying I always looked forward to working with you. It is pretty weird to think how different things would be for me if you weren't in that class. I wouldn't know you, Janae, or any of those other guys who ended up copying off us!
Rising to the Occasion
When I got the news I was at work. At first I didn't know what to think. There were customers in the golf shop but I left them unattended and went to sit on the deck. As I began to process what I just heard about Janae I naturally thought of you, after all there was never one without the other. It took me the entire day to muster up a simple text in your direction. Little did I know you were well on your way to doing the unthinkable. You were there for everyone who needed you. And everyone needed you. I was telling my mom I was afraid I didn't lose one friend but I lost two because how close you guys were. Thanks to you and all of the others that went into planning the funeral service I realized I didn't lose any friends on July 10th. What you showed through your actions in the aftermath of the accident was inspiring. You showed everyone what Janae would want to see out of us. You keep living with your side kick even though she has a view from up above now. When Janae rose above you rose to the occasion.
Its the Journey
If this was a Disney movie this would be the time I am congratulating you about winning the national championship. But it isn't. Sometimes, quite often in fact, I wish it was. It would be so much easier if everything fell into place like a fairy tail. But what would that teach us? No, instead of winning a national championship you had a season full of turmoil. Your coach left you on the bench when you were doing things the right way. You were without your partner in crime. Even through this you didn't complain you kept doing your job and you finished the year. If anyone deserves a good break its you. When that time comes, when things fall into place, you will be able to cherish it. If it was that Disney movie we were talking about you would never understand the struggle. Your faith wouldn't be as strong as it is now. You would not have been as powerful of a role model as you are for me and countless others. God won't give you more than you can handle and you've shown everyone how to handle the ups and downs we call life!
What am I doing? Good question...I don't really know, I'm a werido. I've never had a girlfriend, I honestly don't know how one goes about getting one either. I've hung out with girls throughout the year but nothing ever happened. I compare those girls to you and of course they don't stack up. I know you are graduating and off to bigger and better things. After we had class together I had a crush on you, that was pretty obvious Janae called me out on it! After the accident I realized I care about you. It hurt me to see you hurt. Throughout the basketball season it bugged me to see you frustrated. I don't know why it happened but it certainly seemed like the athletic department turned on you. That irked me beyond belief and I had your back whenever I could. Even through that you stayed respectful and did things the right way. Last week when you were making dinner for Jalyn I realized how special you are. You are going through a rough time and keep on keeping on. I don't know the details of your previous relationship. I hate to think a guy can bring you down. I know you will find a guy that can keep you happy and he will be one lucky son of a gun. I would love to be that guy. If at any point you think I can be that guy please let me know! Also, please understand nothing I have done in the past or will do in the future is because I "like" you. Its because I care about you! I want you to be a happy lady whether or not I'm the guy who does that, there's nothing better than a happy Dawne! I hope nothing I have said ruins our friendship. If you want to talk about anything I've said you know where to find me!
The Cold Shoulder
Unbeknownst to me, the first time you tried to talk to me I completely ignored you. As you told me later on we walked past each other in the gym and you smiled and said hi, I put my head down and kept walking. I will always regret that and still feel bad but I was just a shy freshman!
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