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Art 3 - Hoover HS Figure/Ground

No description

Christopher Triner

on 18 September 2017

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Transcript of Art 3 - Hoover HS Figure/Ground

Figure/Ground Relationship
Positive vs. Negative Space
The principle maintains that the human eye sees objects in their entirety before perceiving their individual parts.
Artists Using Fig/Grd
Alberto Giacometti
Student Response...
"Human Condition"
& Gestalt
Positive Shape vs. Negative Shape
The human eye studies and evaluates the "whole" of any concept before it studies individual "parts".
While the sum is more than the parts...artists have the power to break apart the "parts" for more interest.
Struggle of
Impatiently Waiting
Crazy Rage
Figure/Ground Relationship
The relationship between any foreground object to its background. As an artist, we have the power to control how much the background "speaks" to your viewer. The background should "echo" your message in its pattern, symbolism, and colors.
Stephanie LeDoux
Your Assignment:
Take photo references, develop TWO (2) sketches, develop preliminary artist's title - 10 pts
Develop background w/ collage/watercolor spray
Illustrate w/ colored pencil on your background- 70 pts
Including a final TYPED artist's statement explaining your symbolism - 10 pts
Definintion of beauty / not skin deep
Friend today as a Greek god/goddess
Fear/phobia in yourslef
Essential Questions:
1. Explain why an artist needs to be aware and develop a strong FIGURE/GROUND RELATIONSHIP within their work?
2. How can an artist create a strong impact with new media
3. Explain the importance of visual personal narratibve when looking art artwork.
In the Style of...
1. Communicate a CLEAR point of view in your work. A distinct message can be "read" from the work you create

2. Make highly informed choices in the selection and application of new media/styles

3. Show HIGHLY TECHNICAL ablity in work that shows understanding in the E.O.D. and P.O.D.
Manuel Nunez
Theme Options:
Hoover High School
Student Examples
When the background and perceived foreground appear to occupy or overlap in space
Figure/Ground Relationship
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