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TechGirls 2013

No description

R Sl

on 31 March 2016

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Transcript of TechGirls 2013

Meetings and City tours in DC
Visits and Job Shadowing
ID Tech Camp
Campus experience in Towson University in Maryland.
Web design and Game Design courses.
Camp activities.
4th of July
Afternoon activities in a park
Watching the fireworks
2 days in New York
Visiting Google
Lunch in Bank Of America
Meeting with Girls Who Code
"Media Training" with Legacy and ECA
"Youth Leadership in the digital age" with Mr. J.E. Rash
"We The People-US Style Democracy" with Hon. Larry LaRocco
White house
Meeting with the Office of Digital Strategies of the white house
City Tour (Washington DC)
Monuments tour: Military cemetry, Abraham Lincoln..
Community service day
Packing food and delivering it to homeless people with ALIVE.
George Washington University Hospital
Visiting Yahoo and Facebook
Meetings with technology leaders at Microsoft
Meeting with congress women
Job Shadowing
Job shadow day at: TechChange, FCC, Bully Pulpit, Precision, Google, Microsoft, At&T, Oh My Gov, CNS, Verizon, Relief International and Ashoka.
Host Family weekend
A weekend with a host family to know more about the american life
TECHGIRLS, a U.S. Department Of State initiative, is an international exchange program designed to empower young girls from Middle East and North Africa to pursue careers in the science and technology sectors.

Towson university and New York
First week video
Made by Radia SOULMANI (Morocco)
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