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mohd azmi

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of ent600

Presented by:
Muhamad Dhalin Bin Hassim
Mohd. Firdaus bin Ahmad
Hamka Bin Ahmad
Wilson Manjan Anak Karon
Wan Mohd Azmi bin Che Ismail

Product Description
Product details
Automatic laundry suspension is a new innovation that combine the rain sensor technology and mechanize pulley where this technology is design to solve the problem on wet clothes causes by rain.
Easy, convenient and save time.

Application of the product
INSPIRATION? (pulley machine +rain detector)
Rain detector will be place on the top where and the motorized pulley will be put at the bottom and the pulley gear will place at the join so it can pull the suspension in and out.
Market Share
Automatic Laundry Suspension
Company aim/target
Improve lifestyle with technologies

Changes for Better
Next Innovation Enterprise is a manufacturer and inventor of new product.
The business is based on daily life needs combine with electrical and new technology to the product
Automatic laundry suspension is a combination of the suspension with electronic system with the combination of several sensors such as rain sensor and dark sensor
The main target customer of the product are from the group of professional, housewives, working men and women.
Market size for our product will be share with our competitors which are on-ground-built laundry suspension and moveable laundry suspension.
Gross profit for the first year is = RM 210, 200.
Feature of Product:

Safety feature such as motor cover, knob, and safety switch, Energy efficient and automatic, Voltage usage from 12V to 300V, Accommodate 10 kilogram to 20 kilogram of clothes, Detect rain by moisture content in air, Automatically pull the laundry suspension when rain without being control remotely, The Automatic laundry suspension can be turn off when not in use, It is easy to use and user friendly, Help to solve space to dry laundry in flats
Opportunities for the expansion of product line:

OPPORTUNITIES; individual, laundry business, fabric industry,

Flats, bungalow, single story house or double story house and in condominium.

EXPAND; by improve the motor power and capacity that the Automatic laundry suspension can bear.
Development of the Product

Proprietary feature of product

Automatic laundry suspension has been registered under technological inventions on May 2013 accordingly to Patent Act 1983. .

Our product was patented to protect its being copied by other parties within 20 years without any permission.
Our target market: Jengka, Pahang.
Especially for working men and women and housewives.

Total population: 10 000 persons
60% X 10 000 = 6 000 persons

Price per unit : RM 380
Total market share : 6 000 X RM 380 = RM 2 280 000
Percentage of market share in the second year
Percentage of market share in the first year
Percentage of market share in the third year
Competition and Competitive Edges
Marketing Strategies
Organization Structure
Duties & Responsibilities:
Management Compensation & Ownership:
Supporting services:
Supporting Professional Advisors:
To make our daily life easier and better with the usage of technologies and mechanization.
In the future, our target is to makes the automatic laundry suspension multifunction and produce it in lower cost.
Project Implementation Cost
Cash Flow
Income Statement
Balance Sheet
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