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Why we should get a dog (or a cat)

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Fiona Liu

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of Why we should get a dog (or a cat)

Having a pet can be a great responsibility. That's definitely clear. But I believe that Isaac and I have proved that we can handle it. We currently are taking care of predatory fish! And one of them is blind! The two of us also tackle our accelerated schoolwork while dealing with extracurriculars. We also take care of quite a few home chores. We keep our room clean, and do the dishes, etc. We think that we can handle a dog (or a cat.) And it may even teach us useful lessons. :)
Having a cat or dog has many health benefits. Petting your pet can lower blood pressure, release oxytocin and serotonin, and cut down on cortisol. Having a pet also lowers your risk of dying from cardiac problems. Cats lower risk of stroke. While dogs force you to get exercise. Also, when children grow up with pets it lowers their risk of allergies and strengthens their immune system.
More Benefits
Having a pet can help us limit our screen time. As Isaac has said he turns the TV on when he's bored. Playing with this pet instead would greatly limit our screen time and help us bond with our pet more. It can even help us bond more as we bond over our pet.
Why Not
Why we should get a dog
(or a cat)

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