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Yellow Line

No description

Daniel Lappert

on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of Yellow Line

Yellow Line Media
Week 1
Find Tribe
Weeks 2-3
Find Story
Weeks 4-6
Find Strategy
Weeks 7-8
Complete Plan
Months 4 - 8
Execution of Plan
"There is a headwind on traditional advertising and a tailwind on digital advertising, you guys are in the right place doing the right thing."
Millennial Audience Members
Define Universe of Potential Tribes (10-20)
Day 1
Narrow Universe to Best Tribes (3-5)
Day 2
Pick IDEAL Tribe & Design Tribe Research
Days 3-5
Execute Research Plan & Compile Results
Days 6-10
Define Universe of Potential Openings
Day 11
Narrow Openings to 1-2 & Visualize 3 Solutions
Days 12-15
Design Thinking Team
Team of 5-8
Invest 50-100 Hours
Research Execution Team
Team of 3-5
Invest 50-100 hours
Design & Test Prototypes of Solutions
Days 16 - 17
Narrow Solutions to best performing prototype
Days 18
MBA Team
Team of 3
Invest 100-200 hours
Thoroughly Test Prototyped Solution
Days 19 - 25
Top Story Tellers
Team of 1-2
Invests 20-40 hours
Days 26 - 40
Write up Final Executable Connection Plan
Days 26 - 40
In House
With YLM
With Production
P&A Budget
December 31, 2018
$13 Million Annually
25 Member
Highly Trusted
Nehemiah 12% = $850k annually
Nehemiah 12% = $14Million
Nehemiah 12% =
Social Impact
- Bob Perille, Managing Partner Shamrock Capital
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