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The fault in our stars

No description

coty peterson

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of The fault in our stars

The fault in our stars
Author: John green
Presentation by Coty and Shelby Peterson

Hazel's internal conflicts
Hazels external conflicts
Hazel only has one main external conflict. Cancer. Cancer is the reason she has internal conflicts and why this girl is such a terrible pessimist.
She's forced to wheel around an oxygen tank with her in order to breath because her lungs fill with fluid from the cancer.
The oxygen tank can stand as a symbol of her having to drag around her internal and external conflicts with her all the time.
knows his cancer has returned and hides it from Hazel causing a great feeling of guilt.
external conflicts of Augustus
Cancer returns towards the end of novel

"The fault in our stars" starts off with the main character, Hazel "Grace" Lancaster, (who suffers from cancer and lung problems) sitting in the basement of her local church with her "support group".
This is where Hazel meets Augustus Waters. A dashing 17 year old boy with one leg. ( Augustus also had cancer)

Hazel suffers from the internal conflict of feeling like shes just a burden and is going to ruin her parents lives because she's sick. Shes guilt ridden for something she can't control.
Hazel also is defeated by the internal conflict of falling in love with Augustus. Hazel does not want to hurt people and fears that she's going to hurt people when she dies.
Hazel Grace Lancaster
Hazel is short haired, sassy, witty, and clever teenage girl suffering with cancer in her lungs.
suffers from the guilt of hurting her family after she dies
avoids falling in love because she knows she'll die one day
loves to read. Loves Americas next top model
falls in love with Augustus Waters. A dashing red head who lost his leg to cancer
Augustus Waters "Gus"
spunky, confident, basketball playing 17 year old. Lost one of his legs to cancer. Loves to keep an unlit cigarette in his mouth.
gives his wish to Hazel so she can meet her favorite author in Amsterdam
favorite movie is V for Vendetta. Afraid of oblivion. Best friend Issac loses both eyes to cancer
falls in love with Hazel Grace
Internal conflicts of Augustus
Last girlfriend also died from cancer. haunted from her death and will always miss her.
Only has one leg.
terrible driver and terrible at walking with a prosthetic leg
The unfortunate twist of the novel
This novel completely convinces the reader that Hazel dies at the end of the story which is the exact opposite of what actually happens. Though, she will die eventually from cancer, she does NOT die IN the novel.
Sadly, Augustus is the unfortunate victim that falls into the grip of deaths hands..
This ending, to me at least, was genius. But I also took it hard.. Because let's be honest here, Augustus is a FINE young man. No one wants a character as fine as him to die. It's a shame..
The ending of this book constantly bugs me even after I read it.. Like, why couldn't Hazel die? I know that sounds harsh but she was obviously prepared to go! Augustus didn't expect death to be knocking on his door anytime soon!
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