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Surat us Saff 10-14

No description

tahmid hossain

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Surat us Saff 10-14

Surat us Saff 10-14
the verses....
Reason for Revelation
when the command of Jihad was known some muslims backtreated
because they were afraid of being killed.So these verses were revealed to the believers.Ayah 13 were also predicting the opening of Makkah to Islam.
Main lessons....
Profit and Loss, these two terms are the words that could decide your buisness outcome.If a person is at a loss Allah calls us to invest in time.If we invest in the way Allah tells us to we will be inshallah in the highest parts of paradise.
Translation pg D60
Faith and Jihad...
some people think that Jihad is only about war and fighting, what people dont know is that they are many forms of Jihad.Like giving money to the poor is an act of jihad.RESISTING the URGE, TO SAY, SEE or DO bad things is an important type of Jihad.
the best type of Jihad is a word of truth against an evil ruler
this Jihad is called Jihad ul Kalimah
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