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KidSafe Charity

No description

Kitty He

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of KidSafe Charity

34% are corporate
Most are private
None are contracts
WPGA Junior School loonie sale
Queen Alexandra
Small school
How they get it and what they do with it
At KidSafe I feel 100% happy.
Their Mission
Within East Vancouver
Queen Alexandra Elementary
Admiral Seymour Elementary
MacDonald Elementary
Grand view Elementary
Florence Nightingale Elementary
Mount Pleasant Elementary
My favourite part of KidSafe was feeling happy.
What they could do with the $5,000.
If we win...
4 children's spaces in 8 week summer program
1120 hours of support and programming
320 nutritious meals
64 field trip admissions
Splashdown, bowling, etc.
Many different positions
ex. cooking, activities
Big commitment
Youth Transition
Grade 8
At KidSafe I feel special.
One thing I learned at KidSafe that I will use at school is to not be scared to show who you really are.
At KidSafe I feel like I belong.
At KidSafe I feel safer around people.
Various donations
none are contracts
Fund raising events
Golf Tournament
All children live in a safe community with the inspiration and support they deserve to become healthy contributing citizens
Supportive relationships with adults at home, at school, and in the neighborhood
A sense of belonging and friendship with peers
Good health habits
Participation in meaningful activities
Positive experiences at home, in school, and in the community
Typically helping children aged 5-13 who have unstable health and/or overall well being
KidSafe offers a familiar place of safety, nutritious meals, emotional support, and positive activity alternatives aimed at helping children build confidence and self-esteem, while providing them with opportunities for social development
Currently helping over 400 children
Who they help?
April 23, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
What is KidSafe?
What they do
Started 21 years ago
After incident with little boy
Vancouver Sun, Vancouver School Board and a group of community members
Only had a winter program at 2 schools
Queen Alexandra and MacDonald
Give kids services that school usually provides
Supervision, 1:10 ratio
5 pillars
Science and Nature
Arts and Culture
Health and Wellness
Why we chose KidSafe
Children should have a safe environment
Children should get same privileges
We know people who have volunteered at KidSafe
My Favorite part about KidSafe is making new friends.
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