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S.S welfare

No description

Samantha Almeida

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of S.S welfare

by: Samantha Almeida Welfare The welfare programs come from the government and they try to help americans who suffer from ill health,old age, proverty, and physical disabilities with welfare programs. What do welfare programs do ? TANF is a program that after years of debate, in 1996 congress created this program called TANF, this stands for "Temporary Assistance for Needy Families". What is TANF This program ended aid to families dependent with childrens, a 60-year-old federal program and gave more power to the states to set the rules for future welfare eligibility. What does TANF do ? there are some federal rules attached to the welfare program, there is a five year lifetime limit on receiving welfare, and some or all the states in the USA are requierd to develop job training programs for the poors to help them leave the welfare rolls. Is there a limmit to welfare programs the welfare programs in the USA started in the 1930's because there were too many people that had low income and needed help or they needed special programs because they didnt quialify for other programs . When and how did welfare programs start in the USA PICTURES THE
END!!! BY:Samantha A
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