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spanish project

Heather MacLennan

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Mexico

Mexico Fashion Education Many remote villages do not have access to secondary schools so if the children would want to continue schooling they would have to leave their village and go to another town.
Families struck by poverty recieve money from the government to send their children to school.
There are also 4,800 training centers where young people, that may be too old for school can learn skills necessary to find a job. Family and Friends Family and Friends Its common to find extended family members living in the same house
Families always celebrate religious holidays together
Daughters are kept under strict rule until married
Machismo is a word to describe those who have pride and confidence in oneself and their family
A common religion for mexican families is Catholism Mexican Fashion Mexican clothing is broken down into everday wear, traditional wear, and celebratory costumes
People who live in mexico mainly wear really loose fitting clothes
The citizens of villages and cities affected by poverty mainly wear more traditional clothing such as blouses and long skirts
Many of the clothes produced in Mexico are made with bright dyes and still use old textiles
Silk is used a lot when making clothing in Mexico and you'd be able to find it in about 85% of the fabrics used in clothing made there Housing In Mexico anything covered by a roof is counted as part of the houses size
Becasue families are often big, and only getting larger many houses are often renovated or recieve additions


A classic mexican house being 7,276sq. with an ocean view is $285,000 (USD) -- a house in Nashua that's the same size would cost about $350,000 Education - Continued Students can choose at what time they go to school, for instance they can go from first shift which is from 7am-12 noon, or they can go during the second shift 12 noon- 5pm
Whether you go to a private or not you would wear a school uniform, ussually a white shirt and for a girls a skirt and for boys kaki pants
The only main difference between a private school and a public school in Mexico is that private schools teach religion as well
More then half of the students in all of Mexico are known to drop out of school by the age of 14 Entertainent lots of soccer
most popular sports: softball, soccer
soccer since 1927
they also do a lot of motocross, diving, and "lucha", which is wrestling
concerts, theatrical performances, book fairs, soccer matches, bulfights
rock climbing and rappelling on natural volcanic rock formations. Mexico's Soccer Jersey Mexican Soccer game vs. Cuba Volcanoe Repelling Mexican Lucha (wrestling)
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