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Juan Crisostomo Soto

No description

lady martirez

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Juan Crisostomo Soto

DELIA, Isang Yugtong Dula ni Juan Crisostomo Sotto mga tauhan:

Delia, anak ni Don Claro De Luna
Don Claro De Luna, isang negosyante
Manringue, kasintahan ni Delia
Jacobo, napili ni Don Claro para kay delia
Juanat Laura, mga katulong ni Don Claro the story starts through the commotion of the workers of Don Claro De Luna.

Delia, his daughter, had an argument regarding to what the workers wanted/planning to have.

also, Delia knew that her mother was alive. summary trying to found out where her mother was, she seek for the help of Manrigue but Don Claro did not want the man for his daughter.

meanwhile, Jacobo came from his journey in Europe and America. Jacobo witnesses how the other country seems to be compare to this own land.

lots of differences and comparison Jacobo had pint out from the rights of the president to the lowest kind of social status they have.

aslo, Jacobo and Delia had the time to talk about the experience of Jacobo in other countries. on the other hand, the urge of Delia to know where her mother was grows. Don Claro and her often had a fight about her mother.

then, Manringue found where the mother of Delia is but too late since he discover that Delia's mother was sick.

only the letter of her mother had left to Manringue. after reading the letter, Delia lost her life through the poison she had drunk after their fight of her father, Don Claro.
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