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Underground Hydroponics Vaults in Japan

No description

will strang

on 28 July 2014

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Transcript of Underground Hydroponics Vaults in Japan

Historical Outline.
- in early 2012 the first working prototypes was constructed in Rizuken Takata city in japan as a result of the 2011 earth quakes and subsequent tsunami.
- they first only produced lettuce but now they are being used to grow other things like rice
- there are plans in place to build and distribute the grandpa dome all over japan
Granpa Dome
Reasons for Development
- 60% of all food consumed in japan is imported.
- Japan's agricultural community has an average age of 65, and desperately needs to attract and train a younger generation of farmers
- Japan has a great need for a new efficient and space saving way of training and encouraging new farmers as well as producing food for the populous.
Technological development
- After the Granpa Dome was first conceived modifications were made to make the structure more efficient and user friendly.
- Brace less structure.
- Vents in the highly translucent film covering the dome.
- Mostly automated.
- plants are loaded into outward pushing slots on a turning horizontal wheel that takes exactly 26 days to reach the outer rim where they are harvested
- Highly efficient in its food production.

- Each dome costs approximately 210 000 AUD to produce
- average electricity consumption for water pumps and turning grow wheel is 7500kw of electricity, which at the japanese electricity rate of 0.18c per kw (australian cents) equates to 1354.14 AUD per month in electricity costs
- at the inflated japanese lettuce price of 5 AUD per head of lettuce, daily sales income is upwards of 2500 AUD
- uses less than 15% of the water an outdoor pasture would use
- machinery to till the soil is not required
- shipping is not required as the vegetable is grown locally
- lights are not required for the grow cycle
- all run off is recycled
- Takes up a mere 50m squared
- locally grown and (proposed to be sold at local markets)
- very quiet, and no light pollution
- easily relocated
- no smell
- The japanese government commissioned the project
- it was patented in 2011 by the japanese department of trade and industry
- there have been no recorded workplace accidents in the granpa dome

Managerial Factors
- budget
- staff
- sale of produce
- maintenance
- insuring availability of water, fertilizer, seed
- making sure computers are reliable
- back up strategy in case of disaster
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