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Brave New World vs. Divergent

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christian saltat

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of Brave New World vs. Divergent

Brave New World vs. Divergent
Brave New World
Individuality- Similarities
Classism- Similarities
Soma- Brave New World: Soma symbolizes religion. It is "Christianity without tears" as it provides hope, consolation and reassurance to the user. It's like religion with less effort.
Media Piece
Character Analysis #1
Christian Saltat
Character Analysis #2
Mustapha Monds: Mustapha is a controller, one of ten people who run the world state. He once was an ambitious scientist, young scientist preforming illicit research. When his work was discovered, he had a choice to be exiled on an island or train to become a world controller. Now he controls the world state by censoring new ideas, suppressing, human interactions and individual expression.
In Brave New World, the citizens of the World State had there futures predetermined. Though methods of human intervention before birth, the world state was able to enhance or impair human growth during the embryonic state. In doing so, citizens of the World State were separated into 5 different caste in their society: Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas, and the Epsilons. Technology helps aid in the process of separating each citizen from one another.
Divergent also separates it's citizens to try to obtain stability in their dystopic society. A mandatory test taken to determine which class is best suited for each citizen and are separated into 5 distinct classes in society: Abnegation, Dauntless , Amity, Candor and Erudite. Divergent also uses technology to help distinguishing each citizen from one another. Test are conducted at the age of 16 that determines which personality trait is most dominant in the civilian.
Classism- Differences
The use of technology differentiate between Brave New World and Divergent. With the use of technology, Citizens are genetically altered and conditioned into predetermined castes. Though methods of human intervention before birth, the world state was able to enhance or impair human growth during the embryonic state. The approach divergent has taken with the use of technology is very subtle and non-intrusive.The citizens did not undergo such treatment described in Brave New World, the choice of there caste was dependent on their strongest personality trait rather then on their genetic modified intelligence.
In Aldous Huxley's creates stability in there society with the use of a social hierarchy, separating citizen's on the basis of intelligence. Through intervention during the early stages of growth and brain development in a human, they were able to stunt or enhance growth, depending on the caste. Alpha's were the smartest and was at the top of the social hierarchy, while the Epsilon remained at the bottom of the social hierarchy, due to there limited intelligence. Alpha's and Beta's intellectual based jobs in their society, while The other castes had more physical demanding jobs. In Divergent, Veronica Roth takes a different approach in using classism in her novel. Instead of separating citizens on an intellectual level, they are instead segregated into different classes on the basis of there personalities. 5 distinct classes in society: Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), Candor (the honest) and Erudite (the intelligent).Each class was able to treat the other with a sense of equality. Jobs are separated into caste that best fits it's qualifications. For example: Candor's are lawyers, dauntless are police, etc.
Individuality- Differences
Divergent has a set of rules that differentiate form faction to faction. they are unique to some extent that they acquire traits that distinguishes themselves as a person, but are completely Identical to each faction member. In Brave New World, every citizen has a completely identical mind set. Their Ideals are set by the World State.
John The Savage: In the novel, John represents an Interesting character, as he has an identity and has a family relationship like no other character in the novel. John is introduced halfway into the book. Born and raised on the New Mexico reservations, He is rejected by both the "civilized" World State and the "Savage" Indian Culture. John takes his values from the writings of Shakespeare. With his knowledge of Shakespeare he is able to communicate many complex emotions and reactions. John disagrees with the society the World State created as it represents the rejection of all human values in to obtain social stability.
The main use of identity in the novel was to obtain stability amongst the masses. As everyone is the same, no one in their society would feel secluded. Using such methods of removing uniqueness from their environment, it made it easier for the World State to manipulate the masses.
In Brave New World, their identity is given to them, rather then creating their own.Their intervention in while in the developing stages can change ones identity, changing your beliefs and morphing them to the ideals of the World State. With the method of Bokanovskification, They are able to create 96 identical "twins" and implant false ideals with the use of if Hypnopnadia, or sleep teaching. Even before they were born, they lost their sense of individuality, as they are no different from one another. They are born to look completely identical and condition to think the same thoughts. The government has given the citizens an identity most desirable to the World state, not their own.As everyone looks, acts, and thinks the same,no one in their society would feel secluded. If you are different in a society where everyone the same, you get sent to an island.
The loss of identity is also a prevalent theme in Divergent. In Divergent, at the young age of 16, you are tested for which personality trait is most prevalent. Depending on your results, you then chose a faction that best fits your personalities. When joining your new faction you lose all ties from your past, including your family. You then have to conform to the regulations of your faction. If you don't, you end up unaccepted by your faction, ending up factionless.
Beatrice "Tris" Prior- Tris is the main protagonist in the novel. Tris is a 16 year old girl born into the dystopic society of Chicago. She takes a mandatory test to determine the faction she would choose, on the merits of her personality. She finds out she is divergent, which is a result of having more than one of the desired trait. Divergence tend to stray from the norm of there factions set mindset.
Character Analysis #1 Cont.
In Brave New World, It is quite similar. With there strongest emotion left unchecked can lead one to become unstable, miserable and suicidal. That is why the World State enforces recreational sex and drugs. With there strongest emotions in check, they can live a happy life.
They are both dangers to their societies. In Divergent, Tris is a divergent. Divergence have a different mind. Their mind often moves in different directions, and can't be limited to one way thinking, meaning they cannot be controlled. If you can't control them, they are killed.
Tris is the main protagonist in the novel. Tris is a 16 year old girl born into the dystopic society of Chicago. She takes a mandatory test to determine the faction she would choose, on the merits of her personality. She finds out she is divergent, which is a result of having more than one of the desired trait. As the story progresses, she tries to find out more about herself.
Tattoo- Divergent: Tris' Tattoo symbolizes her family members.
The novel takes place in 632 A.F (After Ford). Most of civilization is part of a central government called the World State, which is run by the Controllers. Technology is made it so that humans are not born, but decanted out of bottles. They are brainwashed to value nothing more then the government tells them: Constant happiness, consumerism, and orgies. It warns us of the dangers abusing technology for to establish order in society.
Jeanine Matthews: Janine is the leader of the faction Erudite because of her IQ. As such, she is very smart and logical. She is the mastermind of trying to overthrow the abnegation government and reinstate Erudite as leaders. She created many serums, of which was used to control the dauntless into attacking the abnegation faction.
Clothing- Divergent: The clothing represent the factions and their beliefs.
Ford- Brave New World: Represents the Henry Ford, the one who invented the assembly line. Their society is much like a assembly line. Just like Assembly line, it is useless individually, but if they run together, they allow society to function.
Character Analysis #2 Cont.
The use of force to create stability. Jennie Mathews develops a serum to control the Dauntless faction to attack the Abnegation faction, just to overthrow the current government and reinstate themselves as the new leaders.
In Brave New World Mustapha monds uses technology and manipulation to obtain stability. Soma, recreational sex and conditioning was used as tools to form a utopic society.
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