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western cordillera

No description

britney burtch

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of western cordillera

BY BRITNEY WESTERN CORDILLERA Description The western cordillera is a landforms with huge mountains and a jaged surface. The western cordillera is all moutains with huge plateaus. It spreads aross from Alaska to Mexico. the western cordillera mountains are one of the youngest mountains. You can tell by how tall the mountains are because when there small that means there older because over the years they have been warned down by natural causes. The western cordillera has three parts coast mountains, interior plateaus and mountain ranges and last the rocky trench and Rockies. The western cordillera has high mountains with huge valleys in between the mountains. The western cordillera includes the provinces of in british Columbia, some of Alberta, Yukon and north west territories and the cites are Victoria, prince George, Vancouver and white horse. Map and pictures In this map it shows that the western cordillera mountains are in the provinces of british Columbia, some of Alberta, north west territories and Yukon Climate latitude Vegetation/eco systems The vegetation in the western cordillera mountains are that there is lots of pine trees and trees at the bottom of the mountain because there is warmer weather and lots of rain but if there in the south of the western cordillera it has less rain so there is not as many trees. At the top of the western cordillera mountains there are no trees at all because the harsh cold weather also the jagged it rocky tips. So no vegetation can live there. Some animals that live in the western cordillera are woodland animals like caribou, squirrels, moose, deer and grizzly bears. Also some mountain goats and falcons, bald eagles. these birds love the area because the high peeks for nesting. The woodland animals like the ground area at the bottom of the mountains. River The two major rivers through the western cordillera mountains are the Fraser river and the Mackenzie river. The drainage basin for the Mackenzie river is the arctic ocean and the drainage basin for the f
Fraser river is the pacific ocean. The Mackenzie river is a dendritic pattern river because of its spread out river lines coming of the river. The Fraser river is a trellis pattern is because of it crossed rivers lines. The Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories is the source of the Mackenzie river. The source of the Fraser river is the Fraser pass. Agriculture The farming and work in the western cordillera. Some jobs are mining because all the mountains. It also has a lot of tourism because the Rockies are a big part of canadian tourism. If there is a lot of people going there that means that its going to have lots of small shops. The farming there is not very good because of all the mountains plants cant grow only some plants that that adapted to the rocky land. Some trees are pine trees. altitude Thanks to http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Where_is_the_western_cordillera The latitude coordinates are for the western cordillera is from the Canada to United states border at 49degrees. The latitude effects the climate by since the western cordillera is far away from the equator it makes the climate colder. http://hrsbstaff.ednet.ns.ca/phillie/InternationalExchange/Canada/Physical%20Regions/Physical_Regions/cordillera.htm http://members.shaw.ca/kcic1/geographic.html http://happy-eejuss.blogspot.ca/2009/05/western-cordillera.html http://happy-eejuss.blogspot.ca/2009/05/western-cordillera.html http://westerncordillerasummative.blogspot.ca/ some western cordillera pictures Climate graph is for white horse, Yukon The altitude at the Rockies is Above 8,000 feet, oxygen is approximately 45% less dense and there is 50% to 80% less humidity than sea level. This map of the western cordillera shows the different Rockies. This map is a belt pattern map of the mountains The end

By Britney The Mackenzie river The Fraser river
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