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Andrew Lingard

on 20 October 2015

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Transcript of Unemployment

Starter Activity
Lesson objectives
Key Terms
What can the government do to decrease unemployment?
Types of unemployment
What is unemployment?
What do the groups of people have in common?
In your pairs write on the post-its what you think the government can do to help decrease unemployment. One idea per post it please!
All students will be able to describe what unemployment is and what the different types of unemployment are (Grade C)

Most students will be able to explain what the government can do to decrease unemployment through policy changes (Grade B)

Some students will be able to evaluate how effective government policies are at decreasing unemployment (Grade A)
You will be asked to define these key terms at the end of the lesson and be able to understand them in your assessment on Friday

Unemployment, Structural, Frictional, Seasonal, Voluntary & Government policies
On your sheet there are seven images, in pairs try to work out what the reason for unemployment is in each picture...

Read the person profiles and for each one say what type of unemployment they represent and explain why
On a post-it note, write down what you think unemployment means and the stick it to the whiteboard
A Level Economics Y12
Extension: What problems might this cause for the UK?
The unemployed are people able, available and willing to work at the going wage rate but cannot find a job despite an active search for work
Supply Side or Demand side policies?
Supply Side Policies - Policies designed to increase the number of workers with the right skills

Demand Side Policies - Policies designed to get people to spend more so the businesses need to employ more staff to make and serve products

For each of the four options given in the previous slide say whether you think it is a supply side or demand side policy
Task: Advantages & Disadvantages
In Pairs, you will be given one of the three things that the government can do to help to reduce unemployment.

For the policy that you have been given, think of 3 advantages and three disadvantages of the Government using that policy

Example: If the government reduces VAT
Advantage: People will go out and buy more expensive items such as TVs and PlayStations so that businesses need more workers to make products.

Disadvantage: The Government may end up with less tax revenue to spend on education so that fewer people have the skills to make TVs & PlayStations

Decrease the interest rate
Decrease direct taxes such as income tax
Government spending on Education and Training
Create more jobs in the NHS/Police/Schools
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