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The Landlady Questions

group questions for the short story The Landlady

Camryn camrynO

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of The Landlady Questions

The Landlady 1-Setting: Explain the setting and how it affects the characters.
(all together) 2-Theme: Connect the theme to your life. (separate) 4-Plot: Determine how the author organizes the story.
(all together) 3-POV: Analyze the point of view and what benefits come from the story being in that point of view.
(as a group) 5-Character: Distinguish what kind of characters are in the story.
(Split up characters) 6-Conflict: Evaluate how the conflict gets resolved. (as a group) Billy Weaver needs to wear his new coat and hat because it is as cold as ice out in Bath England, The house was so warm and inviting Billy was persuaded to stay there.When looking through the window, Billy thought, "the chrysanthemums are beautiful next to the green velvet curtains and that the squawking parrot is a sign of a good house". Billy said, "each word was like a large black eye forcing him, compelling him to stay", when he was reading the Bed and Breakfast sign. The point of view is in 3rd limited because we only know Billy's thoughts. For example, "I'm a lucky fellow", he thought. (Camryn)

One benefit of this story being in 3rd limited is that we can see Billy's thoughts. It helps us understand the story better because we can see how Billy feels about things that he won't say out loud. Without 3rd limited,this story would be as confusing as a 3-legged kangaroo

-"That's funny",he thought suddenly (Kaitlyn)
-"Now the fact that his landlady appeared to be slightly off her rocker didn't worry Billy in the least" (Sydney) The landlady foreshadowed that she was going to break laws later on when she said, "Could you sign the guest book? It is the law of the land and we don't want to go breaking any laws at THIS stage in the proceedings." The author used foreshadowing to tell us that something bad is going to happen; when the landlady said, "We don't want to go breaking any laws at THIS stage now do we?" The author also used similies to describe how the names Mulholland and Temple are connected. Billy said, "Well, you see, both of these names, Mulholland and Temple seem to be connected like Dempsey and Tunney for example or Churchill and Roosevelt A conflict would be Billy was trying to decide whether to go to the Bell and Dragon or the Bed and Breakfast. Billy was having another internal conflict when he was trying to figure out where he had heard the names Mulholland and Temple. The landlady is a flat character because we don't know anything about her really. We don't know why she smells funny or why she interrupts BIlly when he remembered where he knew Christopher Mullholand and Gregory Temple from.
We later found out that the landlady poisons her guests so that she can kill and stuff them and she might smell funny if she used formaldehyde to preserve her "little pets". (Camryn) Gregory Temple is a minor character, and also a static character. He is a minor character because he was not an actual alive character, but he was a large part of the story. He is a static character because he did not change at all since the beginning of the story."As a matter of fact, now he came to think of it, he wasn't all that sure that the second name didn't have almost as much of a familiar ring..." Billy thought. He was described as a 28 year old man who had baby soft skin and was the second customer of the landlady's. (Kaitlyn) I believe that the theme of "The Landlady" is to be careful who you trust. I think this because Billy was entranced by the Bed and Breakfast, he thought it would be a nice cozy place but then later finds out that this "nice cozy Bed and Breakfast" holds dead stuffed people and a wacko landlady. This applies to my life because I need to know who I can trust to tell secrets to or who I can depend on for help in hard times. (Camryn) Billy weaver is the main character, and a static character cause he didn't really change and he is a charming young man, at 17 years old. He seemed a little full of himself. He is a smart and successful person, who can put things together slowly but but will eventually get it! (sydney) Christopher Mullholand is minor character
because we don't hear much about him except that he was in the newspaper and stayed with the landlady 3 years ago. He wasn't actually alive in the story he was only mentioned in the story. He was also a static character, because in the story he didn't change at all. (Melanie) I think the theme of The Landlady is to be careful and to watch out for people who might be suspicious. Also, trust your instincts. When Billy first came into the Bed and Breakfast, he had suspicions about the landylady, but didn't act on them."The old girl is slightly dotty",he thought. If he would have trusted his instincts and been careful, he would not have been in this scary situation.(Kaitlyn) I think the theme of the Landlady is to trust your instincts and that your first impressions aren't always right. This applies to my life because it teaches me that if I meet a person to get to know them before I put any trust in them. If I think they are mean or suspicious I will not stay with them or trust them until those are completely wrong. (Sydney) I think that the theme of the Landlady is that even the most innocent looking people aren't as they seem, and to trust your instincts, because if Billy trusted his instincts he wouldn't have stayed at the bed and breakfast.
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