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An intro to thruSITES

Charles Dalton-Moore

on 20 October 2009

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Transcript of Phacilitate

A little proposal by ...for PhaciLitate
Introduction Why will it work? This was integrated into the ITV Football website and produced an engaging visualisation of mentions of Chelsea and Everton players on Twitter during the FA Cup Final. The project received huge interest, with upbeat media coverage from around 50 online publications, including TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb, The Guardian, PC Advisor and Computer Weekly. The online buzz around the FA Cup turned #facup into a global trending topic on Twitter. thruSITES is a strategic web design and development agency. We work with clients ranging from the government to entrepreneurs, to design, develop and launch websites and social web applications. Visit our website to learn more.
We are experienced in developing bespoke solutions for clients, implementing the latest technologies and integrating with popular community sites such as facebook, twitter, youtube and flickr. www.thrusites.com/portfolio THE END...! call us! 0207 953 7894 Social media...the basics "Social media is about people having conversations online." Blogs
Apps and widgets
Social networks
Social bookmarking
Message boards
Media sharing sites
Wikis Conversations are powered by Officially more popular than porn sites. TIME, 13th October 2007 4,000,000 articles on Wikipedia 65,000 new videos per day on YouTube 200,000,000 blogs on Blogger It's not a fad. IT'S A FUNDAMENTAL SHIFT IN THE WAY WE COMMUNICATE Traditional media is a monologue only of people trust advertisements 14% but there is hope... 78% of people trust the recommendations of other consumers Social media is a dialogue So this means it is TRANSPARENT CONSUMER-DRIVEN and is NOT CONTROLLED PRODUCT-DRIVEN People are talking about your brand right now. OK whatever...

What are you saying we should do? A C B D PARTICIPATE RELINQUISH CONTROL ENGAGE LISTEN We're going to give people something to talk about... Creating a buzz around you. forget telling your audience what to do, create a point of interest and let them engage. Simple. Why choose thruSITES? Because we can on what we are offering. deliver And these people think we're pretty cool. and that's saying something... thruSITES We design, build, and launch enterprise-grade websites and systems, as well as communities, apps and widgets.

Our team has been responsible for launching sites and apps for a number of high-profile brands and a number of exciting start-ups.

We would like to re-build the partnering app for Phacilitate!

This is why you should choose us...

unifysport.com is an online community celebrating all that is amateur sports. The site allows you to easily manage and communicate with your team, pick the squad for the upcoming fixture and to really kick-off the changing room chat you can even rate each of your teammates performance. This app aggregates content from a variety of sources into one page for Facebook users to view. In addition to the latest news from the Number 10 website, the application also features their latest tweet, the latest photos from flickr, and also the latest video from Number 10 TV. Twitter app for ITV Some examples... Facebook app for
Number 10 Downing Street Social network for unifysport Interface requirements Simple and consistent Our Creative Director, Roman, will come up with a design concept for the app based on your corporate ID and the existing design concepts.

Following feedback from you, we will iterate the design until we arrive at a full user interface design for the app.

From this, we will build the wireframes, confirm the user flow, complete the specification, and check everything with you. Delivering the Phacilitate image In the beginning... Functionality requirements Collaborative scheduling Structured messaging Fresh and attractive User accounts (with profiles)

Technical development... Piers, our Technical Director, creates a complete technical specification based on the wireframes and interface design. This document will guide the development process and align expectations. Once you have approved this, we will roll up our sleeves.

The proposed features for the Phacilitate partnering app are well within our competency, all having been delivered successfully in part or whole for other clients. Given the requirements that we have discussed, we are proposing building the vast majority of the system bespokely, and using modules we have developed in-house wherever appropriate. Delivery requirements Standards compliance
All our sites are built to the applicable industry standards, and according with best practice usability guidelines. This is important to ensure accessibility and ease of use by the widest possible audience.

We are experienced in having a consultative approach to development. We expect to offer detailed help and advice on a wide range of tech-related issues as part of our role.
As standard, we conduct internal testing before allowing you to fully test the system and report discrepancies and bugs. We also use online tools for the collaboration of bug reporting and fixing.

Our various hosting solutions are extensive and extremely reliable. We can advise Phacilitate on an appropriate cloud hosting solution for the app and additional sites or apps if you wish.

And the best bit...! Planning and conceptualisation Design and development Testing Project management and consultation Time/Days Cost Total 0.5 15 1 1 17.5 £220 £6,600 £440 £440 £7,700 Based on what we know so far, we are able to provide the below estimate +/- 10% Resource booking Attendee listing Admin managment Email notifications
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