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Collage of my life

No description

Abi Thomas

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Collage of my life

A Collage Of My Life
Five Activities I Enjoy That Effect My Well-Being
Abi Thomas
Field hockey
Spending Time With Family and Friends
Physical Well-Being
Mental Well-Being
Physical Well-Being
Physical, Mental Well-Being
1. Faith
2. Family/Friends
3. Softball
4. Happiness
5. Success

Five Major Purchases I Would Like To Make
1. College
2. House
3. Car
4. Boat
5. Camper
Short-Term Smart Goal
Because I want to achieve honor roll by the end of marking period three, I will study the night before tests, turn in all of my work in time and check PowerSchool weekly.
Long Term Smart Goal
Because I want to own my own car and pay for my own insurance by the time I turn 16 and get my permit, I will apply for a summer job at Custard Cove by April 30th.I will put $100 dollars a week from my paycheck into my savings account for eight weeks for next two summers in order to have $1600 saved to put towards the car.
Playing Video Games
Mental Well-Being
Three things that I can do to achieve the future outlined in my collage...
1. Get better grades
2. Start saving
3. Plan for college
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