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Theatre talk

Presentation at Arts and Audiences, Helsinki august 2013

Louise Ejgod

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Theatre talk

Theatre talk
Louise Ejgod Hansen, Aarhus University
and SceNet
Helsinki 22th of August 2013

Theatre talks and different target groups
Learning potential for the institutions: How do audiences experience us?
Read more:
Simply a talk between audiences after the performance
One to one-and-a-half hour
Group of six to ten participants. three performances
Introduce new audiences to different theatrical experiencese
Make them comfortable with the experience
Test the idea of cross-segmentation - how far can we go?
Like drinking a glas of red wine, saying: How did you like it?
Only difference: someone is inviting - and listening
Introducing new genres and venues
Give the opportunity
Make it easy

Own opinion
What is theatre like?
I am really happy that we talk about it afterwards, because otherwise I would have disliked it. Now that we talk about it, I like it much more:
It makes a difference that you talk to people you do not know. Because in a group everyone has a predetermined role, and everyone in theory know what I think about this. But there is noone that knows what I think about anything
It was very intense. I could not feel my breath [...] It adds to it that it is such a small place
I think this is very interesting. Maybe even more interesting than the performance itself
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