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No description

Veronika Němcová

on 29 March 2014

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Transcript of SILENT FILM

Loud expression of festivity and joy.
Unlike the smile that is only specific grimace.
Laughter is accompanied by characteristic sounds.
Also called: sobbing, weeping.
We cry when we are sad or because of the pain, hopelessness, but also strong joy.
For crying is a typical flow of tears.
Anger is an emotional response when we are offended, wronged, or denied.
May be utilized effectively when utilized to set boundaries or escape from dangerous situations.
Running is a means of to move rapidly on foot.
This is in contrast to walking.
Be quiet!
If you want someone or something to be silent.
Be calm!
Steadiness of mind under stress.
The opposite is panicking.
When you are not afraid of anything.
A relatively instinctive action
Has mostly a strong psychological aspect, like fear, pain, surprise, happiness, anger and others.
A short mental and physiological state.
We are surprised as the result of an unexpected event.
It can be positive or negative.
What is a silent film?
A silent film is a film with no spoken dialogue.

In silent film the dialogue is transmitted through gestures, mime and title cards.
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