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Remax Presentation


Sahib Kamoh

on 8 March 2016

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Transcript of Remax Presentation

Listing Agreement
MLS Data Forms
Working with a Realtor Form
Fintrac Identity Form

Documents to sign for Listing
The right Buyers will not see your property.

It will take longer to sell. Likely to have many price adjustments

You’ll miss the peak and excitement of the “launch”

Even if buyer is willing to pay more – they will not be able to obtain financing

Other agents will use your property to sell their listings

Risk of Over Pricing
Let us look at similar properties that fall into the following three categories:

Recently Sold- Best Measure

Currently For Sale- Supply/Demand - COMPETITION

Did Not Sell- Over Priced

Marketing Reviews

Pricing your Property - What Affects Value?
Loction of the Property

Condition of the Property

Current Market Condition
is the #1 Brand searched on the Internet

Remember, We are working to HELP you and the final decision is ALWAYS yours.

Look How RE/MAX professionals

7.4 consumers out of 10 choose RE/MAX

We will still continue to aid you in all of the following areas:
We Will...
- Continue marketing during conditional periods
- Qualify buyers and arrange mortgage
- Co-ordinate and follow up with home inspection
- Work with appraisers for lenders to support purchase price
- Conditional clause removals- Waivers
-Work with lawyers to manage details
-Help with arrangements for any future buyer visits
-Be there for closing day support
Post Offer Acceptance
Avg trans of board members

Avg Transactions/yr

% of sold price of Board

% of sold price

% of Board Listings Sold

% of listing sold

# of days on market till listing
Sold (your local board)

# of days on market till
Listing sold



My Competitive Advantage

Every property will sell and has the potential to sell quickly, and the price is the No. 1 factor controlling this outcome
7. Prepare ads
- My Website - RE/MAX.ca
- Craigslist & Kijiji.ca - Local publications
- Open house
Each week we can supply updates:

Competing properties
Sold properties
Market influences (mortgage rates etc.)
Buyers comments
Marketing assessment

About us
How do we determine the price?
We help YOU select the best offer
Why hire us?
Joint effort between
you and us.
CMA Data
Compare - Solds & Currently Listed
All on agent
...it's why you consider hiring someone like us
So How and Where
does Jim Ludes
Market ??
The Internet
....and MORE
The things that aren't uncommon to most every agent out there....
Open Houses
Tag Marketing
Multiple Websites
Did you know that 85% of potential buyers are online looking at homes?
Multiple Listing Service
Sign on property
What is Presentation??
Curb appeal
De-Clutter and De-odour before showing
Remove personal & religious photos
What three things sell a home?
8. Hold Open houses (Inform public through Internet and advertising, place 10 to 14 signs while holding open house)
Action Plan
is the #1 Brand of choice for
Full time Realtors
Professional Education
Prior Sales Experience
Live and work in Brampton
Real Estate experience for 8+ years
Rob Vivian- 1% of agents hire a coach
What are we going to do to get you the maximum price for your home ?

1. Inform RE/MAX professionals of upcoming listing

2. Just Listed campaign in your neighborhood-Neighborhood walk

3. Order professional sign for front lawn

4. Photo & Video shoot

5. Create ads for print & internet

6. Update you weekly

a) Market
b) Your property

Thanks so much for helping me to find a home that I believe I can enjoy. You guys have been so wonderful and I admire your thoughtfulness, honesty, openness to my ideas, patience, worth of knowledge in this area, sensitivity to my needs or wishes and above all strong negotiation skills. You always made me feel more comfortable around you during these periods. And I never felt pressured to make a decision and never showed any frustration either. You were always available whenever I needed you. None of my phone calls to you went unanswered regardless of whatever time that I called. What a great professional service!!!!

-Michael Ansu
I have used Harinder and Devinder to buy and sell my home and then recently to buy my second home. He has been very gracious with his time and bends over backwards to meet my needs and schedule. I have appreciated his professional insights, his depth of knowledge and his friendship as I searched for the right home. I spent a lot of time looking at homes and felt very comfortable, not rushed or pressured as I kept searching. I hope I have purchased my last home, but if I ever need a realtor again, Harinder and Devinder will be my first call.

- Mary Pickles
Harinder and Devinder seemed the obvious choice when I was ready to begin the process of buying my second home and I don't think that I could have made a better choices. They really did do right by me and gave me the feeling that they really cared. I highly recommend and will endorse them at every opportunity!

-Joy Taylor
There are 3 things we can promise you
1. No body outworks us
2. We will always tell you the truth 3. If you feel any time not satisfied from our service ,you can cancel the contract any time
Why Us?

What will we do to sell your home?

Market Analysis- What's your home worth?

Market conditions

About our Company

How much will we charge?
(Marketing plan)
Today's Goals:
What drew you to this home when you bought it?

What do you like most about this house?

What do you like about your neighborhood?

Price Solves Everything
The best marketing in the world will never sell an overpriced home.
It's digital age: Heavy Exposure on the Net
Proactive approach: We prospect every day
We promote your home, not ourselves, on print media
None of our listings expire
"Easy Exit" Listing Agreement
Our Listings sell faster

Marketing Your Property
Marketing Plan
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