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Hobbies I1W3D4

No description

English4callcenters .com

on 5 April 2016

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Transcript of Hobbies I1W3D4

Grammar Review
Your coach will explain to you the grammar chart. Pay attention
By the end of lesson, you will be able to:
Talk about your hobbies

Explain the reason why you enjoy your hobbies

Describe the most common hobbies you know
Warm up
Pair up and answer the questions below. Then share your answers with the class

What's a hobby?

What are your top three hobbies?

What is a hobbie you dont like? Why?
Random Expo
Work in couples and practice your exposition. Your coach will ask for volunteers to come to the front

Hi guys! My favorite hobby is reading. I enjoy reading science fiction or
books. For instance, I'm currently reading "Inferno" of Dan Brown. This book is about a global conspiracy of the World Health Organization. They are planning to
thousands of people around the globe. It's pretty interesting!

What about you?
Let's practice the following words and include them in our daily speech.
Interview time!
One student will come to the front and will answer his/her classmates questions
Your coach will select 1 or 2 students to go to the front and they will do a recap
Mental Training
Practice your mental training with your coach and repeat with confidence
Watch video #12
"English is very easy"

"Mistakes are my friends, I learn from them"

"I can achieve my goals"
Fluency diet Review
Pair up and practice the questions below. Then your coach will select some students to go to the front
What do you do in your spare time?

What would you do if you only had one day to live?

How do you see yourself in the next 3 years?
Work with a partner and describe the different hobbies
One student will come to the front pretending to be one of these famous people. He/she will answer all the questions about hobbies.

My favorites hobbies are... because...
Video Technique
In your opinion, what is the strangest hobby you watched on the video?

What would you do if you had a friend who practices the hobby number 3? (navel fluff collecting)

Would you practice any of these hobbies? Why?
Watch the following video and answer the questions below
Describe in your own words what you did since you walked into E4CC until now
30 seconds non-stop
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