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water proof umbrella

No description

kaila williams

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of water proof umbrella

water proof umbrella history of the ancient chinese water proof umbrella
Derived from the Latin word Umbra, which means shade. The first umbrellas were for protection from the sun and were possibly inspired from the canopy of a tree, which would offer a cool shade from the heat of the day. The origins of the umbrella are most probably China in 11th century B.C. although ancient sculptures have been found in Nineveh, Persepolis and Thebes (Egypt) depicting the use of umbrellas. There is also evidence of Umbrellas or Parasols being used at the same period in India. The first umbrellas were most probably a converted branch of a tree (for example giant Banana Leaves) or a hat on a stick, which gave rise to the umbrella, as we know it today. when the umbrella was first developed There is evidence of the basic umbrella being used over four thousand years ago in places like ancient Egypt, Assyria, Greece and China. They were originally designed and used for shade against the sun. However, the Chinese then used wax to waterproof them so they could be used in rain. Initially, umbrellas were for the use of women only. However, a Persian traveller called Jonas Hanway used an umbrella in public for thirty years. This made the invention more popular with men.

It is said Chang Li Hua invented the basic umbrella and there is also proof that he had invented the basic umbrella in books and handwritten objects.It is very improbable historically, but it has been postulated, though never proved, that it had been invented in Italy by a man named Umberto Rella, who named his invention after himself using a combination of portions of his first and last names: Umb rella. how the umbrella works Umbrellas were invented by the Chinese. The umbrellas were made from oiled paper because oil repels water. The frames of the umbrellas were made from mulberry bark or bamboo. Red and yellow umbrellas were used by royalty, and blue umbrellas were used by the common people. The Chinese also used umbrellas to keep the sun off their skin. citations www.cits. net .com http://kaleidoscope.cultural-china.com/en/137Kaleidoscope56.html the way chinese umbrella made life easier for the chinese by not letting them get wet from the rain. because if you used newspaper or a magizine it would get wet and start dripping on you. also during the summer time it would shade the women from the sun. the umbrella made chinese life easier by the impact it made on china and the rest of world http://images.google.com/the impact the ancient chinese umbrella made in china and the rest of the world was that it helped people get out of the rain, and not get wet. this helped every body ,and now we have even better and more advanced umbrellas. modern ancient images how to make an umbrella http://images.google.com/ first you take a long craft stick and a piece of paper next: take the piece of paper and cut a large now they you have an umbrella then: you take the paper and fold it into 14 triangles then: you cut a tiny hole in the middle of the paperand put thestick through the hole and glue them together
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