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Tech Lunch

No description

Chris Howley

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Tech Lunch

Tech Lunch The Basics Outter ring controls rotation Inner ring controls size Inner more circle moves the item Double click anywhere to create a text box Click, hold, and drag to move the canvas Changes the width of the text box Creates a list Left align
Right align
Justify The Next Step Control Bubbles
(Menu) To write anything, the
menu must be in this
position. To quickly return the menu to this position, push the space bar Changes the layout and theme
of the presentation Add a path for the camera to
follow by cliking on the items
in the order you want them
presented. Adding a frame serves two purposes Groups your thoughts and topics togethers
but also makes the camera center on everything
within the frame as a whole Loads files such as pictures, movies, and flash animations. Push the space bar to view your
presentation, press space again
to continue editing. "Capture View" creates a frame around
everthing on screen. Finalize Zoom in and out by using the scroll wheel on a mouse
or sliding two fingers up or down on the touch pad. Save your progress by cliking on the "Saved at *time*" at the top right. Add a path Publish your presentation online Save presentation to your desktop Currently not allowed due to network restrictions Review and Tips Try to find high resolution pictues. Start large and work your way in. The program has a hard time handling the camera zoomed in too far. Use the path to draw attention to key points. Use borders and frames to group sections together. How to make a Prezi Remember: Students will find Prezi a refreshing change from the regular, everyday Powerpoint presentations. Once you're finished typing, click outside of the text box, then again on the text (or image) to bring up the "Zebra." Use the arrow keys to move between the slides. To make a frame, click and drag the box over the area you want inside the frame.
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