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Copy of Periodic Table Families Foldable

No description

Jill Snow

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Periodic Table Families Foldable

Periodic Table
Families Foldable Steps for Making the Foldable Steps for Making your Foldable Labeling your Foldable What to Cut Out Alkali Metals Family Group 1
Hydrogen is not a member, it is a non-metal
1 electron in the outer shell
Soft and silvery metalsVery reactive, esp. with water
Conduct electricity Alkaline Earth Metals Group 2
2 electrons in the outer shell
White and malleable
Reactive, but less than Alkali metals
Conduct electricity Transition Metals Good conductors of electricity.
High luster.
Typically, less reactive than alkali and alkaline earth metals.
Some are very unreactive and do not form compounds easily. Metalloids B, Si, Ge, As, Sb, Te, Po, At, not Aluminum.
Fall on both sides of the line separating metals from nonmetals.
Poor conductors.
Mostly brittle solids.
Properties of metals and nonmetals.
Halogens Group 7
7 electrons in the outer shell
All are non-metals
Very reactive are often bonded with elements from Group 1 The Noble Gases Group 8
Exist as gases
8 electrons in the outer shell = FullHelium (He) has only 2 electrons in the outer shell = Full
Not reactive with other elements Get 4 strips of paper. We are going to make a long flap book
Lay the first piece of paper with the skinny side facing you.
Layer the next strip of paper on top the first but slide the bottom up one finger space.
Do the same thing as above with strips 3 and 4. Next:
Fold all the tops of all the strips over and down so that the flaps continue in your flap book.
Put two staples in the very top of your new book. Make sure to put them very close to the top so you have room to fold up your flaps. From the top down, label your flaps in the following order.

Alkali Metals (smallest flap)
Alkaline Earth Metals
Transition Metals
Noble Gasses
Lanthanide Series
Actinide Series Cut out the groups of elements that your teacher has given you. Remember that Groups/Families in the Periodic Table are columns. Be sure to check the board as we go along so that you do not cut or glue in the wrong family into your foldable. Shiny metals similar in reactivity to alkaline earth metals.
Positioned at bottom of periodic table due to electron configuration The Lanthanide Series
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