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Forecasting for Southwestern U.

No description

Ivy Lumpkin

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Forecasting for Southwestern U.

Linear Regression with Seasonality
Southwestern University's Options
1) Expand the current stadium by:
beginning of 2009

2) Plan building a new stadium by:
Best Model to Use
Forecasting Models to Consider for SWU

Weighted Moving Average
Exponential Smoothing
Linear Regression
Forecasting Attendance for Southwestern U. Football Games
Selecting the Right Forecast Model
Comparing Forecast Models
BUS 786 Operations Analysis Forecasting
Linear Regression with Seasonality
Amount & Type of Available Data
Six years of historical data available (enough data in quantifiable form)

Degree of Accuracy Required
Rough estimate of when attendance will reach 54,000

Length of forecast horizon
Short- to medium-term forecasting required

Data patterns present
A trend is present:
Higher attendance at Homecoming
Lower attendance during crafts fest
Use a
tracking signal
to monitor the quality of a forecast

Projected attendance through 2011: 55,946

Expected revenue in 2010: $12,351,755.01

Expected revenue in 2011: $13,546,131.76
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