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Copy of Palomar5 Scenarios

Inhabit the future world of work.

loreto viviana

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Palomar5 Scenarios

exploring creative space with scenarios COQ1 VISTA AL MAR








PMB VIVIENDA Inhabit the
Worlds Navigate Horizontal Axis = Economic Values:
ranging from individualistic (left) to collabrative (right)
Vertical Axis = Eduction:
measures the level of quantity/investment from low (bottom) to high (top)

Education and economy are now and will remain individualistic. Although educational performace will increase the desire to move into a more collective "we are in it together society" is not in the forecast. The storytelling expressed the struggle between career and identity. Value and status interplays with consumerism and the ethical challenge one can face as holistic thinker.
Horizontal Axis = Technology
ranging from high tech (left) to low tech (right)

Vertical Axis = Eduction:
measures the educational structure from decentralized (bottom) to centralized (top)

The forcast shows that technology will push the decentralization of education. The classroom is perhaps in the palm of our hand and teaching and learning become knowmadic. In this scenario the educational system gets up to speed by breaking down bowndries placed by the dated industrial economy world view. The world becomes the classroom, in real time and not inhibited by rigid bureaucratic structures.
CEO's, scientists, designers, farmers, etc. and even teachers in the classic sense of the word are shareing knowledge. Cross- fertilization across diverse fields of knowledge.
Horizontal Axis = Flexibility
ranging from less(left) to more (right)
Vertical Axis = Human Contact:
from low (bottom) to high (top)

Heirachy and dogma are left behind as we move into a social work place.
Listening and share-care communication create social team dynamics. The storytelling describes how a company owner manages opperations ranging from intense pesonal contact (++) to remote control on an online island.

Horizontal Axis = Social Benefit:
ranging from individualistic (left) to collabrative (right)
Vertical Axis = Transparency:
measures the level of openenss from low (bottom) to high (top)

The reality shows that the world is getting more transparent but with no change in social benefit, hence no change in the status quo, just new gadgets and the same individualism. There is a huge difference between the projected reality and the desired social outcome accutely shown with the Dahli Lama on facebook. The scenario described the different ways our senior population would engage with their desires and social opportunities via online and ICT.
Horizontal Axis = Community:
ranging from individualistic (left) to collabrative (right)
Vertical Axis = Rewards:
from monetray (bottom) to social (top)

A sense of community is strengthening and our incentives are shifting from monetary to social gain. ICT and trusted social media networks are allowing entrepreneurs to engage global projects. The forcast indicats that money still is the prime motivation to do social good, ie. the commodication of altruism. Ideal position would prefer to see social good in it self be the main driving force. Money becomes secondary to value exchange and barter.
Horizontal Axis = Digital Technology:
increasing power/possibilities from (left) to (right)
Vertical Axis = Social Identity:
self referential (bottom) to group orientation (top)

Ideally, technology can move us into a transhuman experience where emotional artificial intelligence and augmented reality layer the online world on to our physical encounters. In the urban environmment the digital skyline is just as significant as the built landscape. On the way to our digital futurers we are customizing our digital profiles. Realistically, gadgets and ICT widgets will proliferate and help humans deal with sustainability issues.
1 2 3 5 6 Technology & Identity Community & Rewards Society & Transparency 4 Work Culture Technology & Education Economic Values & Education PROJECTS

Show Me Love
Inspire Bureau
Din Din
King Author's Table
Dada (Haptical Interfaces)
Data DJ's
Samara (Space Camp)
Total Honesty
StartUps for StartUps
The Enablers
Mobile Aid Evaluation
The Egg
Economic Values Education Idividualistic Social Technology Education Centralized De-Centralized High Tech Low Tech Flexibility Human Contact + - - + Social Benefit Collabrative Individualistic Transparency + - Community Rewards Social Monetary Individualistic Collabrative Digital Technology Social Identity Group Orientation Self Referential + - Show Me Love King Author's Table Total Honesty Investment Low Budget The Enablers Samara Mosaic CSR You King Aurthor's Table Mobile Aid Evaluation Inspire Bureau "Planet Dictatorship" "Aeropagus" Einsteinia" "Knowmadsville" Startups for Startups Dada Data DJ's "Online Island" "Nomad Leaders" "Social World" "Yes Sir!" Show Me Love Total Honesty The Egg Startups for Startups Samara "Plastic Palace" "Trojan Horse" "Robin's Hood" "Candy-Sauna Land" King Aurthor's Table Mobile Aid Evaluation CSR You The Egg Show Me Love Total Honesty Mosaic The Enablers Din Din Din Din Data DJ's Dada "Wo/man of Honour" "Greed is Good" "Tribal Altruism" "Club Monaco" The Enablers Startups for Startups Din Din Inspire Bureau CSR You Mobile Aid Evaluation "Self City" "Status Quo" "Transhumanity
Experiements" "Digiland" Dada Data DJ's Samara CSR You Din Din The Big Picture:

Cross Cultural Respect, Interdisciplinary, Idealistic and Playful

The digital generation at P5 showed a strong interest in innovating work in ways that benefited society. Although they are digitaly savy with gadgets and the web there enthusiasm for human interaction far outweighed their excitement for new technology. Technology is seen as a way of encouraging human interaction, in fact Total Honesty, Show Me Love, Din Din, and the Egg had little or no emphasis on communication technology.

The future of work can be seen as a return to simplicity and authenticity. Ambitions to create global empires with massive profits are from another era. Is this a sign of a comfortable upbringing or a fundamental shift in priorities? Brand loyaty is replaced by tribal leadership and technology that fosters customized experience will thrive. Whether superfiscial or genuine in respect these workers of the future will make and break teams and projects quickly. They will work in groups, have flexible hours and will find low tech solutions for complex problems.

Surprisingly, there was a low level of creativity and fantasy despite their play and sociability. Although 'make the world a better place' seemed to be a priority the group did little to engage the world with it's projects within the six weeks. This can be noticed in the lack of to market strategy and absence of market research.

Without a doubt, their ability to mix cultures and disciplines will create innovation... most likely in social and data management contexts. They are always online, quick to promote and dismiss via digital networks. Gaming is marginal interesting but rather the potential will be in how this generation embraces augmented reality and moves beyoud the semantic web in terms of data search and transfer.

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