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Romeo and Juliet Types of love

No description

brogan williams

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet Types of love

Unrequited Love Romantic Love Parental Love -Respect to uphold family integrity and name
There are two families in the play that have major love for their name, disrespect for the family names can result in death or harsh punishment.
-"Two households alike with dignity" (Shakespeare 1.1, 1) Love of Family/honor
Romeo and Juliet are an example of forbidden love because they are not allowed to love eachother because they are from rival families.

"This holy shrine, a gentle sin is this"(Shakespeare, 1.5, 94) Forbidden love The Tragedy of Romeo
and Juliet Types of love - Unrequited love is when one person loves another, but the other does not love them
back, another word for it is unreturned love
- At the beginning of the play, Romeo
loves Rosaline, but she doesent love
him back, this is an example of Unrequited
love or "unreturned love".
Romeo says:
- ''Greifs of mine own lie heavy on my breast" (Shakesepeare 1.1, 181). - Romantic love is for a significant other
it is a mutual attraction, lots of emotions
and passions.
- Romantic love is probably the most used
type of love in the play because Romeo
and Juliet are Romantically in love, there
is lots of emotion between them and they
would die for eachother. -Mutual appreciation for one another,
Trust, care, and respect for eachtoher with
no passionate intentions.
- An example of freindship love in the play
is Romeo and Friar, Friar is almost like a
parent to Romeo, he knows everything about Romeo and they both trust eachother, with
no passionate intentions. Friar is the only
one who knows about Romeo and Juliet. He
even marries them - "O saint lips do what hands do, they pray
grant thou lest faith turn to despair''
(Shakespeare, 1.2, 104, 105) Parental love can be between child and parent, in which case the parent will guide and protect a child, or in this instance it is not between family members, but close freinds acting as parent figures. In the Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, Nurse acts like a parent figure to juliet, guiding her. The same can be said about Friar to Romeo, Friar guides Romeo throughout the play.
"good morrow father" (Shakespeare, 3.1 31) Freindship love "Hold! Get you gone , be strong and posperous in this resolve" (Shakespeare
3.2, 121, 122
Love of family honor -Loving someone that you are not allowed to love Romeo says this to Juliet when they are about to kiss, you can tell that it is forbidden because he uses the word "sin".
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