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A nuncios de la semana


Noah Geisel

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of A nuncios de la semana

Writing Knowledge and
Understanding of Cultures Connections with
other disciplines
and information
acquisition Comparisons to develop insight into the nature of language & culture "You gotta give 'em what they want
so you can give 'em what they need." Granted, Dr. Drew is speaking about getting addicts into
rehab, but I think the same rules apply with our students Inside our classrooms, we have lots of different
students and learning looks different to each of them. For these students, we must
seek to PERSONALIZE the
instruction. Some people call
that can be a frightening word
sometimes, so we'll stick to
personalization. Whatever
name we give it, the important
thing to remember is that it
leads to engagement! Personalization used in order
to engage students is a "hook" Hooks can get very shiny and fancy. Stuents like shiny things and you heard what Dr. Drew said... I'm trying to make this Prezi shiny and fancy. Are you hooked yet? Fancy & shiny hooks can get crazy and expensive: SmartBoards, iPods,
Document Cameras and 007 style
tools that look better suited to spies than students. They can also be super simple. QR Code http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ Google Voice
(740) 4SENORG IF you had your own number
that not only received messages
but transcribed them and sent them
to you as a voice mail, how would you
use it in class? Don't just think about
it...call me and share! In other words, we have a lot more words
to (better?) describe what we're doing in
our classrooms Except, of course, for that bit about preparing
our students for life after k-12 in the 21st Century In A Whole New Mind, Daniel Pink describes 6 senses that are essential to success in the 21st Century, a world in which a lot of the skills we used to value can be done more cheaply abroad or quicker and with better accuracy by machines. The 6 Senses
not just function but also DESIGN
"everyone, regardless of profession, must cultivate an artisitc sensibility"
not just arguement but also STORY
"people remember stories better than isolated facts:
not just focus but also SYMPHONY
"ability to synthesize information, put pieces together & see the big picture"
not just logic but also EMPATHY
"understanding other people, forge relationships & care for others"
not just seriousness but also PLAY
"humor, laughter & games are good for your health"
not just accumulation but also MEANING
"be it material possessions or vocabulary, students need saliency" "You gotta give 'em what they want
so you can give 'em what they need"
-Dr. Drew Granted, Dr. Drew is talking about engaging
celbrity drug addicts but for students,
same rules apply. www.jogtheweb.com
A safe place to get students
where you want them to go Where we're jogging:
Super Action Comic Maker
www.wifitti.com More Personalization Activities:
Esta de acuerdo/No esta de acuerdo
Excusas: Creo/No Creo (w/judges!)
Demuestra y Dice

Student videos:
"Los jovenes..."
"Fandango Puppets"
"Pecha Kucha" Buttons are so hip! Venn diagrams Sucio Limpio Se ve bien Se ve horrible Hace calor Hace frio Ninos con cancer Buscando Elvis Cinturon = belt
Mismo = same

1. ¿Las personas en los carros le dan dinero al hombre en la silla de ruedas?
2. ¿Que quiere el hombre en la silla de ruedas? ¿Le pide algo a la gente?
3. OPINION: ¿Que dice el papel?
4. ¿Que publica el anuncio? ¿Cual es la frase en tiempo condicional?
¿Quien dice "me parece"?
¿Que le parece? ¿El hombre le regaló algo a su novia?
¿De quién recibió una llamada?
¿Le duele el hombre? ¿Por qué?
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