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Response to Intervetion

No description

Jocelyn Jackson

on 9 November 2015

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Transcript of Response to Intervetion

Response to Intervention
What is RTI?
It is an organizational system with increasing layers of intensity.
Not a categorical system for labeling students.
Not a service plan or place; You can not compare it to a student in Special Education or even 504.
Tier 2 Academic Interventions
Best practice is 2 to 3 days a week for a total of 60 minutes. Provided by the classroom teacher.

What is RTI?
RTI is about identifying a "skill" deficit and intervening with a specified plan for that student using district approved resources.
What is RTI?
Increased intensity of instruction; matches student need; determined by data. The student's need for intervention is based on DRA2, PAPI, CFAs, Benchmarks, etc. Data Drive Decision making!
Not a referral system for special education eligibility. The goal isn't making a referral to special education, our ultimate goal is to fill in the gaps and to refer a student that isn't making progress with the interventions being implemented with fidelity.
RTI has 3 Tiers of Support
Tier 3: 5-10%
(120 minutes per week)
Tier 2: 10-15%
(60-90 minutes per week)
Tier 1: 75-85%
(Grade Level Instruction)
What is RTI?

Data Driven
Tier 2 Academic Interventions
This can be provided by an assigned teacher on the grade level.
For example: Mrs. Safieh can provide the Tier 2 intervention for first graders that qualify for Tier 2 reading intervention.
Tier 2 Academic Interventions
The outclass teachers are assigned a grade level between 10:00 and 10:30 . This is when the interventions can take place in grades K-2nd.
For example, while Mrs. Safieh is conducting her Tier 2 intervention group, Mrs. Court is in her classroom monitoring her students.

Tier 2 Academic Interventions
Tier interventions will need to happen for 12-18 weeks. Breathe......I KNOW! Unless we suspect ID, AU or ED, then we can fast track these referrals noting that we are implementing interventions and refer for testing if necessary.
Tier 3 Interventions
Tier 3 interventions will need to be implemented for 6 to 9 weeks. These interventions will be implemented by the specialists in conjunction with the classroom teacher.
We take a look at all of the data on a student to determine eligibility. Keep in mind that failing STAAR doesn't automatically qualify a student for RTI.
Tier 2 Behavior Interventions
These interventions need to happen for 6 to 9 weeks before moving on to Tier 3.
Special Education & RTI
Students that are already in Special Education with a label other than Speech, do not go through the RTI process. We will address their behavior or academic concerns in a ARD meeting.
RTI & 504
Students who are currently under Section 504 can be in the RTI process for Behavior and Academics.
ESL students can go through the RTI process for Academics & Behavior, unless their deficits are because of language. We have to make sure we are following their academic accommodations and if those aren't sufficient then you will need to consult with Jami or Connie to determine if we need to start RTI.
RTI Forms
Academic Concerns
Behavior Concerns
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